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Diet Fresh New York

Diet Fresh New York from BistroMD delivers gourmet, doctor designed meals right to your home in NYC!


New York City never sleeps. It's an old adage that is increasingly becoming more and more true. Everyone in New York is hustling and bustling to get to work, the bar, or the show. In a city that can't find the time to eat, its safe to assume that no one can find the time to cook either. That's why delivery services and take-out restaurants line the streets of NYC. If you are tired of to-go boxes and unhealthy delivery, night after night, where can you turn? To the professionals at bistroMD.

New York's Weight Loss Delivery Program

Diet Fresh New York from bistroMD is a gourmet diet delivery service that delivers chef-prepared meals right to your home in New York City.

Diet Fresh New York meals are made from only the freshest ingredients to ensure optimal nutrition and taste. Diet Fresh New York was designed by a weight loss physician and mother of four, Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D.

Dr. Cederquist operates a weight loss practice in Naples, Florida. Managing her practice, as well as her family, has taught her a lot about living a busy lifestyle, and why it's necessary to have a convenient meal plan.

Let BistroMD do the work for you!

If you have a schedule that allows little free time, but a body that craves healthy and delicious food, then Diet Fresh New York is the solution to meet your need!

Diet Fresh New York meals will be delivered right to your doorstep in New York City. What could be more convenient than that?

Stop ordering greasy, high calorie, take-out and start enjoying fresh, tasty diet food from Diet Fresh New York. It's so easy to heat and eat you may even find the time to get some sleep!

Written by bistroMD Team. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on January 31, 2017.


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