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Colorado is a state brimming with majestic natural beauty. From the grand peaks of the Rocky Mountains, to the vast expanse of the Eastern Plains, Colorado is a state like no other. With all of the natural beauty that the state has to offer, it is no wonder that it hosts some of the nation’s most prestigious art and culinary institutions. In 2010 Boulder was rated the "foodiest" city in America. It is for this reason that bistroMD has created diet delivery Colorado.

Now, you might be thinking, wait, who said anything about a diet? Along with the great food that Colorado has to offer, comes the sobering reminder that in recent years almost 33 percent of Coloradans were found to be overweight.

Diet delivery Colorado has been created to ensure that Coloradans continue to enjoy world class gourmet food, but without adding to their waistlines. The experts bistroMD are headed by Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., one of the top weight loss professionals in the nation. Together with our team of dietitians, Dr. Cederquist has created diet delivery Colorado to deliver the most healthy and delicious diet food you've ever tasted before.

Let’s face it, the food that we consider to be “good” food is often filled with unnatural ingredients that can be harmful to our bodies. Diet delivery Colorado strips away those unsavory ingredients and provides an eating experience that is unmatched among our competitors. You’ve heard the phrase, "it’s just what the doctor ordered" before; but with diet delivery Colorado, this phrase has new meaning.

Before a meal leaves our kitchens it is meticulously designed, utilizing the knowledge of Dr. Cederquist, our talented dietitians, and our expert chefs.

Did we mention that our chefs are chosen from the best, and finest culinary institutions in America?

After Dr. Cederquist and our team of dietitians are satisfied that a meal meets their specifications, the chefs at diet delivery Colorado go to work. Our chefs utilize only the freshest of ingredients, to ensure that the doctor’s orders are met. The ingredients are then prepared, by hand, using state-of-the-art preparation techniques. With diet delivery Colorado you’ll never eat a freeze dried, preservative packed meal that has never seen human hands before your own.

In addition to the masterful preparation that our chefs ensure, our meals are also gourmet. This means that not only do the meals taste amazing; they also look like works of art. Coloradans, especially those living in the big cities, are used to a standard of presentation that only diet delivery Colorado can match.

Coloradans are raised to appreciate good food, in the many varieties that are found across the state. Diet delivery Colorado understands that it is not enough to provide food that simply tastes great, but that providing a large variety of foods is important as well. For this reason we have created over hundreds of entrees, so you will never get bored with our great tasting meals.

If your sagging belly has got you feeling down, and you want an easy way to lose the pounds without sacrificing the great food you’ve grown to enjoy, diet delivery Colorado is your solution. We’ve taken all of the work out of dieting, leaving you with the best part – eating! The meals arrive at your doorstep weekly. No more confusing trips to the grocery store to sort through the various bland tasting frozen diet trays. Those days are far behind you when you’ve got diet delivery Colorado on your team.

Diet delivery Colorado is offered by bistroMD, the nation’s leading home delivery diet service, so you’ll know that you’re making a sound decision.

When you’re ready to start losing weight, while still eating delicious gourmet meals, give us a call at 1-866-401-DIETOur friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you with the ordering process. If you prefer registering online, visit and click on the Order Now tab at the top of the page. Diet delivery Colorado is your choice for great tasting weight loss.

Written by bistroMD Team. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on June 17, 2013.


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