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Here you will find informative articles on the topic of senior nutrition. Topics covered range from senior nutrition and weight loss to the relationship between BMI and quality of life for the elderly.

Balanced Diet & Nutrition for Seniors

Many associate a healthy diet with 'bland' diet foods. Combined with nutrition and aging, a senior nutrition plan sounds less than desirable. However, eating a well-balance diet and optimizing senior health can be tasteful if done right! See what meal programs for seniors should look like!


Individuals often associate "health" with "bland," ultimately discouraging the intake of nutritious foods. Layer this misconception with aging consequences, these sort of foods become even more unfavorable. Although nutrition may have been thought as tasteless broccoli and peas in the past, optimizing senior health is not just about bland food anymore!

Healthy Meals for Seniors

Senior nutrition has been attributed to bland foods - especially if seeking weight loss or managing a chronic health condition. Restrictive diet foods landed on meal plates (and still may) for a number of factors:

Increased Fat Mass
As the body ages, the body mostly changes from muscle mass to fat mass. This eventually impacts metabolism in a negative way, slowing down the efficiency of calories burned.

Health Conditions
When diabetes and heart disease are of concern, it is not unlikely for physicians to describe therapeutic diets. Such diets include heart healthy including low cholesterol and sodium along with a diabetic-friendly or gluten-free diet.

Sense Alterations
The senses are known to alter with advancing age. Smell and taste changes can constrain preferences and options or limit the desire to consume foods at all.

The year is 2016 and tasty food is desired by all generations. But the best news? Foods can be both nutritious and delicious! The combination can put the enjoyment back into foods, especially when offering flavor and variety. So how can seniors and their caregivers find comfort in knowing tasty, nourishing meals coexist? A senior nutrition program may just be the answer!

Elderly Nutrition Programs

At bistroMD, we also believe all generations should have access to flavorful meals. Silver Cuisine, an extension created by bistroMD, surfaced with seniors and individuals aged 50 years or older in mind. And rest assured, the meals provided are flavorful, high in nutrients, and proportioned!

Silver Cuisine Eliminates Meal Prep for Seniors

Meal planning and creation is all taken care of by bistroMD's team of professional chefs and nutrition experts. Each meal is created by a team of professional chefs and nutrition experts and utilizes the freshest of ingredients to formulate well-balanced entrees to meet nutritional needs. And as mentioned above, health conditions may discourage the intake of certain foods, leading to thoughts of bland and tasteless. However, Silver Cuisine considers a wide-variety of special diets without comprosing flavor. Seniors can find comfort in knowing health can still be achieved while still consuming tasty meals! Silver Cuisine offers Heart Healthy, Gluten Free, Low Sodium, and Diabetic meals.

Silver Cuisine is an á la carte, gourmet meal delivery service. This sort of program allows seniors and their caregivers to not only order what meals they want, but when they are wanted. And if an AARP member, seniors can take advantage on special discounts! If this senior meal program appears fitting, check out the official page at Silver Cuisine by bistroMD.

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on February 21, 2019.


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