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Seasonal Diet Tips

Explore our expert knowledge on topics such as healthy eating during the holidays, and how to live into a happier and healthier you in the New Year. Discover tips and tricks on how to avoid weight gain at holiday parties and while on vacation.

10 Healthy Summer Holiday & Party Ideas

Summer bashes are much more than roasting up some hot dogs and warming up canned baked beans. In fact, celebrating summer holidays and the season can actually be quite nutritious! (And yes, you can feast on much more than that vegetable tray…) Find 10 healthy entertaining recipes and party ideas here!


10 Healthy Entertaining Recipes and Party Ideas

1. Offer Small Bites
Leading up to the main course, prepare and offer small bites and appetizers. Doing so helps control portion sizes and keeps hunger levels at bay. Favorable small bites your guests will love include these herbed grilled chicken wings, chicken feta meatballs, roasted garlic hummus in cucumber cups.

2. Lighten Up the Salads
Rather than offering heavy mayo-based potato salads... Lighten up and serve nutritious salads sure to please the taste buds and waistline! This cool southwestern salad with corn and avocado is the perfect easy, no-cook meal on a warm summer day, while these dill cucumber salad, Mediterranean quinoa salad, and grilled vegetable salad with herb dressing recipes are also nutritious and delicious fan favorites!

3. Build A Burger Bar
Shake up tradition and impress your guests with a burger bar! Offer various meat varieties, including beef, turkey, and bison burgers; cheeses, such as cheddar, mozzarella, and pepper jack; and a plethora of toppings, including tomatoes, mushrooms, leafy greens, jalapenos, cucumber slices, and pickles; and these various healthier condiments and sauces. Pair with these glorious grilled potatoes or these seven healthy and delicious homemade sweet potato fries, including traditional, barbecue, and parmesan herb flavor variations!

4. Host A Pizza Party
Heat up the grill, it’s pizza time! Start with the basics with this “how to make the best grilled pizza” guide. Offer various toppings to your guests and serve up numerous slice variations, including BBQ chicken, tomato basil, meat lovers, and other favorite combinations.

5. Give Guests Something to Taco ‘Bout
Rather than piling BBQ meats atop a hamburger bun, stuff them into tortillas and give your guests something to taco ‘bout! First start by preparing a variety of meats, including pork, chicken, and beef, then set up a tableful of taco toppings, including lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, sour cream, rice, and beans, for your friends and family to choose from.

6. Boil Up Crab and Shrimp
Entertain your guests with a crab and shrimp boil! Being simple to prepare and mostly hands off, you will be able to enjoy more time spent with friends and family. This hosting guide serves eight guests, but feel free to adjust the yield as needed. (Or prepare more for tasty leftovers…)

7. Bring the Party Indoors
While we can always hope for the best, sometimes weather just doesn’t cooperate with summer plans… But rather than allowing it to rain on your parade, take the party inside and utilize your slow cooker! These shredded pork sliders are the perfect inside summer recipe. Also offer a number of various BBQ sauces to your guest, along with healthified baked beans and coleslaw.

8. Grill Up Banana Boats
This grilling recipe is fun for the whole family! Start by cutting bananas lengthwise and about a half inch deep. Open the peels to form pockets and fill with favorite toppings, including mini chocolate chips, peanut butter, marshmallows, berries, coconut, and colorful sprinkles. Shape aluminum foil around the bananas to resemble boats, grill for approximately five to 10 minutes, and dive right in!

9. End Sweetly with Fruit
While banana boats are a fun way to conclude the summer meal, sometimes it is hard to beat the fresh flavors of in-season summer fruits. Finish up the party with a fruit salad filled with berries, pineapples, kiwis, grapes, and bananas or grill up some peaches and serve with a drizzle of honey and scoop of ice cream as desired!

10. Pour Up a Punch
And last but not least… A summer cocktail! But rather than having countless mixers and bottles laying around, tidy up the area by mixing up a big batch of punch. From cucumber and melon white sangria to a citrus rum punch, find your summer punch inspirations here! And for non-alcoholic options, here are 11 delicious and nutritious mocktail recipes.

Written By Sarah Asay, RDN. Published on June 28, 2013. Updated on May 13, 2019.


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