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Seasonal Diet Tips

Explore our expert knowledge on topics such as healthy eating during the holidays, and how to live into a happier and healthier you in the New Year. Discover tips and tricks on how to avoid weight gain at holiday parties and while on vacation.

How to Get Back on Track After the Holidays

You sprung into action after the New Year, carrying it all the way till summer and the beginning of the fall season. And then it happened again... The hustle and bustle of holiday gatherings and festivities detoured your health journey. But getting back on track with healthy eating and your diet is not only achievable, but can be easily pedaled with simple tips!


How to Get Back On Track

Forgive Yourself
First and foremost, forgive yourself! Not doing so can lead to negative and harsh feelings, which may just turn into additional overindulging and emotional eating. And to put it into more realization, let's face it... We are all human and consuming platefuls of that Thanksgiving dinner or numerous cocktails is not too unlikely. Realize and accept benders can, do, and will occur and the most important thing you can do is forgive yourself and move forward.

Don't Weigh Yourself
Repeat: Do not weight yourself! Bloating feels uncomfortable after holiday parties and can cause an increase in body weight. Seeing such influx on the scale can be highly discouraging, may trigger self-doubt, and lead to throwing in the towel altogether. So wait (at least a few days) before taking weight!

Tackle The Upcoming Days Head On
Although food and exercise may be the last thing on your mind after holiday celebration, it is important to tackle the upcoming days head on. Starting the day with a well-balanced breakfast helps pave the way to healthier choices, along with supplying the body with valuable nutrients that may have been overshadowed at holiday parties. Attempt to step back into your workout regimen and keep as active as possible. But if heading to the gym seems too daunting, at least try to tackle these commercial break workouts

Start Meal Prepping
Countless holiday parties and celebrations may make it difficult to stick to healthy meals. But as the hustle and bustle dies down, start preparing meals for the upcoming track ahead. On your least busy day of the week, think of a few meals that you would enjoy taking to work or the family would like to see on the dinner table. Find your guide to meal prepping, recipes, and ideas here.

Create and Stick to Goals
Though working towards health is a reasonable ambition, create and stick a more overt goal. For instance, sign up and schedule a race in near future and create a strategic training plan leading up to it. And if losing interest along the way, offer personal rewards to keep you on track. A massage after a long Saturday morning run or a new pair of running shoes can be the incentives you need to stay motivated.

Pour Up Water and Out Alcohol
Those holiday parties may have lead to too many drinks (and we are not talking water) ... But instead of getting caught up in the after party, swap out beer mugs and wine glasses for water bottles. Water has numerous benefits to the body and can improve digestion, complexion, and overall health. Aim for at least eight, 8-ounce cups per day.

Appreciate Food Again
When it comes down to it, food literally is life and keeps the body functioning, sustaining, and living. Instead of looking to food as the "bad guy," start to appreciate what each food is capable of. Start appreciating the wide variety of foods and recognizing just how they benefit the body, including bone-strengthening calcium in milk, muscle-building protein in turkey, cardio-protecting omega-3 fatty acids in tuna, and cholesterol-lowering fiber in oats.

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on November 14, 2017. Updated on May 10, 2019.


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