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10 Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats and Recipes

The primary focus of Valentine’s Day is building lifelong memories with your loved one, not the worry of overeating on sweet treats. The following Valentine’s Day recipes and ideas provided are built to make this loving holiday a healthier one, offering you a peace of mind without sacrificing boundless memories!


Valentine's Day focuses on building lifelong memories with your loved one. And though it is important to not let the stresses of "being healthy" interfere with a joyous occasion, there are tips to guiltlessly indulge on treats with your loved one. These 14 Valentine's Day recipes and ideas will give you peace of mind by being healthy without sacrificing boundless memories!

Healthy Valentine's Day Treats and Recipes

1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are a hallmark of Valentine's Day. And though you may be contributing the nutrient-rich strawberries as a healthy treat, becoming dowsed with chocolate (and eating copious amounts of them) easily packs on calories. This Valentine's Day, try this healthier-for-you chocolate syrup to drizzle atop of juicy, red strawberries.

2. Heart-Shaped Melons

Whip out your cookie cutter for a healthier alternative to the sugar-filled dough! Cutout favorite melons (honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, etc.) with a mini heart-shaped cookie cutter and slide onto a popsicle stick. Pair with a protein-rich dip, mixing one cup plain Greek yogurt, one tablespoon of honey, and one teaspoon each of vanilla extract and cinnamon.

3. Sugar Cookies

Okay, heart-shaped melon may have not offered that satisfaction granted from a cookie cutter... But with these healthier-for-you, whole wheat sugar cookies you can fall in love all over again, just without the overly sweetness they tend to bring to the dessert table.

4. Chocolate Crepes

Rather than devouring a slice of sugar and fat-laden chocolate cake, gain the satisfaction it provides without the gain of a tremendous calorie load. With these healthy chocolate crepes, indulge without the remorse. Dress them up as you wish, including filling with yogurt and topping with freshly cut strawberries or raspberries!

5. Honey Drizzled Broiled Grapefruit

The caramelized crust on these honey drizzled grapefruits are truly a romantic touch to your Valentine's Day. Enjoy on its own or pair with a light Greek yogurt and an extra dash of cinnamon!

6. Greek Yogurt Bark

Though advertised as a holiday treat, the colors of this Greek yogurt bark also screams love. Though the cranberries offer a rich red color, feel free to swap out with strawberries or raspberries while exchanging the pistachios with pecans or additional favorite chopped nuts.

7. Strawberry White Hot Chocolate

Cozy up on the couch and pamper each other with this unique white hot chocolate recipe. If desiring a more chocolately taste, feel free to add natural cocoa powder. Garnish with whole, fresh strawberries!

8. Strawberry Shortcake

Further running along the strawberry theme associated with Valentine's Day, create healthier-for-you strawberry shortcakes! For these healthy-inspired treats, alternate fresh strawberries and small pound cake cubes on a skewer. Drizzle the kabobs with a low-fat whipped cream to achieve the taste of strawberry shortcake or even a light drizzle of chocolate syrup!

9. Greek Yogurt Cheesecake

There are not many desserts that scream decadence and velvety the way cheesecake does and can! But indulging on a cheesecake often comes with guilty strings attached, as it is generally loaded with fat and sugar. But with this Greek yogurt cheesecake, innocently treat yourself on a protein-filled (yes, protein!) dessert.

10. Chocolate Mousse

This chocolate mousse recipe steps out of the dessert box, ditches some conventional baking ingredients, and embraces one unique element… Avocadoes! The fat content of this matchless fruit offers a rich mouth feel, all while being ample of the notorious "healthy" fat.

Additional Tips for a Healthy Valentine's Day

Make Breakfast

Whether it be breakfast in bed or at the family dining table, prepare a Valentine's Day breakfast and enjoy together. Healthy, festive breakfast ideas include mini truffles, heart-shaped egg toast, raspberry or strawberry muffins, whole wheat pancakes with strawberry sauce, chocolate chip breakfast cookies and these healthified Valentine's donuts!

Pack Healthy Valentine Snacks

If Valentine's Day falls on a busy workday, pack one another fun, healthy snacks! Ideas include these festive apples, a Valentine's Day-themed trail mix, or these fun and healthy Valentine's Day snacks even kids will love!

Cook Together at Home

With couples majorly taking over popular restaurants on this coined romantic day, spark love at home in the comfort of your quiet kitchen. Not only do you gain control over ingredients, but the memories made is considered to be the most prominent aspect of cooking together. Needing a little inspiration? Give one of these 25 Valentine's Day dinner ideas a loving try!

Get Out and Move

This Valentine's Day, get active together! For instance, go on a walk leading up to or following dinner, take a bike ride on your favorite trail, lace up ice skates and hit the rinks, or any of your favorite fitness activities. Despite the choosing, the important part is celebrating each other!

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on May 13, 2019.


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