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Don't Let Halloween Candy Play a Trick on Your Diet

Halloween is just around the corner, and for some us, we are still haunted by the weight we gained after last year's Halloween treat trickery... But this year, do not let Halloween candy play a trick on your diet.


Halloween can be a fun time even if being conscientious about your diet, suggesting you do not have to deprive yourself an occasional piece of candy here and there. Have your candy and health, too, with bistroMD's quick guide on managing those Halloween candy temptations!

How to Trick the Candy Temptations

Choose Wisely
First off, it is alright to enjoy a little Halloween candy! But stressing a little, as too much can sabotage the diet you have worked so hard to clean up. Choose wisely on which pieces of candy you want to enjoy, such as that Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkin you can only get during Halloween, along with selecting individually-wrapped and small pieces. But if you have difficulty stopping once started, a safer route to go would be choosing hard candy like lollipops that last longer to satisfy your sugar cravings, along with considering these healthier Halloween candy options even kids will appreciate!

Purchase Later in The Month
Following Labor Day, you may be noticing ghosts, witches, and well, that Halloween candy aisle already stocked. But rather than loading up the carts during a bout of excitement, wait to purchase candy later in the month and purchase just a few days in advance. This way, the candy will not be hanging around the house for too long and tempting you to eat it.

Buy Non-Tempting Candy
If you absolutely love milk chocolate, you should probably select a fruity or sour alternative instead. Purchasing non-tempting candy lessens the risk of sneaking a piece here and there and lets the trick-or-treaters take care of its disposal.

Consider a Non-Candy Alternative
Okay, while you may not want to be known as "that neighbor," consider passing out a non-candy alternative. More nutritious options include mini-packages of dried fruit and pretzels. And even if the kids reject them, they may have a parent who will appreciate snacking on a health-conscious Halloween treat! Beyond candy, Halloween-themed pencils, stickers, and glow sticks, are also fun (and non-caloric) suggestions.

Turn Your Cheek On End-of-Season Specials
Following Halloween, stores discount the candy to clear room for the upcoming holiday. And while stocking up on your favorite chocolate may be enticing, turn your cheek to the end-of-season specials. And just think, with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, there are bound to be in-season flavors to relish on! (While practicing the concept of moderation, of course...)

Double Up
If you overestimated a headcount or the trick-or-treaters came in short this year, do not hold onto the candy! Start passing out two (or even three) pieces of candy at a time to deplete your resources, ultimately lessening the number of treats around the house. If you are left with any candy, find another way to get rid of it. For example, take it to work or send it to school with your child. They can then give to their teacher, as they can pass out as an occasional reward for a job well done on homework assignments.

Treat Your Body to Exercise
Treats are not always designated to candy... And with your body primed and equipped to be active, let it be! To continue enjoying the Halloween fun, ditch the gym for these Halloween-inspired exercises and joining your kids for a walk around the neighborhood as they trick-or-treat. Treating your body to exercise and nourishing food can not only beat a candy craving, but elevate your mood!

Written By Sarah Asay, RDN. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on October 17, 2017.


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