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Delicious Ways to Eat Healthy This Summer with 12 Recipes

Inspired by some of the most classic summer staples, the chefs and nutrition experts at bistroMD know how to keep things both healthy and delicious this summer. From favorite summer meals to refreshing snacks that will keep you cool in the heat, keep health goals in line while satisfying those summer cravings with best summer foods and ideas!

Delicious Ways to Eat Healthy This Summer with 12 Recipes

Best Summer Food Recipes and Ideas

1. Peach, Raspberry, Basil Protein Smoothie
Kick off the summer of healthy eating by sipping on this peach, raspberry, basil protein smoothie! The mix of fresh fruits and basil satisfies that hankering sweet tooth while the whopping 33 grams of protein if offers makes it a valuable, on-the-go breakfast option or post-workout recovery option.

2. Mediterranean Quinoa Salad
Rather than sitting down to your standard bowl of greens come lunchtime, relish on fresh Mediterranean flavors! This quinoa salad supplies a mere 380 calories per whopping 12-ounce portion, helping to ensure satisfaction without breaking the calorie bank this summer.

3. BistroMD's Barbeque Pork Dinner
For a tasty dinner that is inspired by backyard barbeque cooking from down South, bistroMD’s barbeque pork dinner is sure to leave you coming back for more! Our chef uses tender cuts of lean pork, and marinates them in a blend of secret spices. After the pork has been marinated, each slice of juicy pork is grilled to perfection and smothered in bistroMD’s made-from-scratch, barbeque sauce. Our delicious barbeque pork is accompanied by some tasty and colorful sides that will take you back to the good ole’ days of cooking outdoors. The sweet flavor of the vegetables, blended with the smoky flavor of our juicy barbeque pork, will surely put your taste buds into a delicious frenzy of summer flavor!

4. Citrus Marinated Shish Kabobs
A zesty marinade enriches protein-packed chicken and sirloin in this bistroMD recipe. Not only are the shish kabobs ample in flavor and protein, but are simple to assemble, leaving you more time away from the kitchen and more with loved ones! But if desiring red meat, relish on these herb beef sirloin skewers packed with fresh herbs and lemon juice.

5. Easy Jalapeño Turkey Burger
Burgers are a classic, summertime favorite. Unfortunately, they are typically made with high-fat beef, high-carb buns and high-sugar toppings. But thanks to bistroMD, this jalapeño turkey burger recipe offers rich flavors even the biggest meat lovers can appreciate! Pair with this sweet potato fry recipe, high in fiber and free of added oils.

6. The Top Summer Fruits and Veggies
Changing seasons offer varying in-season produce, including these top 10 summer fruits and veggies and the delicious recipes they transform into! Additionally, this grilled vegetable salad with herb dressing recipe offers hints of smokiness to truly amplify flavor.

7. Skinny Starfruit Splash Infused Water
Kick off summer with this refreshing fruit-infused water while staying cool and hydrating! Find more infused water recipes here, including watermelon mint, orange ginger, and cinnamon apple!

8. Refreshing Strawberry Sangria
This refreshing strawberry sangria is the epitome of summertime (and only 150 calories per serving)! The recipe is also simple, leaving you more time to relish in a warm summer day!

9. Fizzy Blueberry Mint Drink
This blueberry mint cocktail recipe is a refreshing concoction sure to delight your taste buds and keep health goals in line this summer. The cooling mint flavor is a perfectly refreshing compliment to the sweet blueberry’s flavors!

10. Irresistible Homemade Yogurt Popsicles
Although one of the best summer foods to cool off on a hot summer day include those notorious colorful popsicles, they are often loaded with sugars and syrups. But by making these yogurt popsicles in the comfort of your own home, you can control the ingredients while maximizing fresh flavors and nutrients.

11. The Avocado Recipe You’ve Been Waiting For
And no, it is not guacamole… If searching for a creamy treat to cool you down after being in the sun (while still being a healthy food in summer season), look no further than this dairy-free, vegetarian avocado ice cream recipe we know you have been waiting for!

12. Healthy Picnic Ideas
Heading to the park is a great way to be healthy this summer! Not only does it facilitate the opportunity of being active with friends and family, but poses the chance to pack a healthy picnic basket! From fueling with energy bites to satisfying the sweet tooth with a refreshing lemony yogurt pound cake, find 20 health picnic food and snack ideas here.

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Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on June 09, 2020.


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