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How to Eat Healthy on Holidays & Avoid These Mistakes

The thought of "feasting" during the holidays may spark excitement in some while leading to anxiety in others. All of the hard work to lose weight paired with all of the tempting foods during the holidays may ultimately raise concern of unraveling weight loss efforts. But by identifying these holiday mistakes, defeat the often anticipated holiday weight gain once and for all!


1. Skipping Out On Breakfast

Though confirming breakfast as "the most important meal of the day" varies between individuals, it can certainly be a holiday mistake. It is reasonable to believe skipping out on morning meals can save room for the holiday feast later on in the day. However, eating breakfast holds the key to stabilizing blood sugars and keeps hunger at bay until the main event! BistroMD offers easy, healthy breakfast ideas that will keep the belly satisfied leading up to the party or get together. And if worried about limited time during the busy holiday season, give overnight oats a try!

2. Enjoying Foods Too Quickly

Eating too quickly can contribute to weight gain during all seasons. But during the holidays, all the holiday-associated foods entices the urge to feast that much more! When enjoying and savoring foods at a slow, consistent pace, most individuals will start to feel full. But if food is consumed too quickly, the stomach and brain are unable to synchronize, ultimately diminishing the feelings of a full belly. Simply slowing down can allow the hunger and satiety hormones to work in a sufficient manner, with the stomach acknowledging and signaling the "I'm getting full!" feeling, eventually ceasing food intake.

3. Drinking Calories

It is common for individuals to forget about calories contained in drinks and unfortunately, they can add up quickly! Try choosing water or non-sweetened teas over soft drinks and fruit punches. If drinking alcohol, stick to the recommended amount - two drinks for men and one drink for women. Further limit mixers or syrups added to cocktails, as they are generally loaded with unwanted sugars. Alcohol, especially in excess, can also heighten the temptation of food, and more times than not, a bag of chips is more appealing than a bag of carrots!

4. Not Managing Stress

The thought of all the food or holiday weight gain weighing down on your shoulders? Worried about all the holiday-related tasks that need finished? Anxious to perfect the holiday party you host each year? Not managing stress can actually lead to weight gain, in the form of imbalanced hormones and food binges. Break the cycle of overeating and manage stress with these five stress-relieving exercises. Further stress-relieving techniques include walking, dancing, listening to favorite music, reading, and any other activity devoted to "you" time or with family and close friends.

5. Using Holidays as an Excuse

Individuals may have their own dictations of the term "feast," while part of the proportion may see it as a rhyme or reason to binge throughout the holidays. And with New Year's Eve around the corner, claiming to start the diet next year further pads more of a reason to indulge and feast in the holiday moment. Although the holidays are meant to be enjoyed, they should not be used as an excuse to overeat and binge on the food abundance known to exist at such celebrations. But instead of using holidays as an excuse to feast, reconstruct the mindset by visualizing the holidays as a celebratory time filled with your loved ones! And enjoy all of those tasty foods with them, practicing the concept of mindful eating and in moderated portions.

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on July 30, 2017. Updated on October 22, 2019.


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