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Snack Smart

Many of us grew up eating high-sugar snacks like gummy bears and ice cream, so it's hard for us to change our view of snacks in regards to healthy weight loss. But snacking, if done correctly, can help you shed unwanted weight.


Between your bistroMD meals, grab a snack!

The best snacks are protein-based. Eating protein roughly every 3-4 hours will keep your blood sugar from dropping too low, and it will also keep your metabolism boosted.

If you go too long without eating something, your blood sugar starts to drop. This leads to temptation. When your blood sugar gets low, you tend to gravitate towards eating something high in carbs in order to raise your blood sugar quickly. Waiting too long to eat will cause you to get overly hungry and you eat things you shouldn't, or eat more than you should.

Try some of these real food protein choices. Each has between 10-15 g protein and is less than 200 calories.

1/4 cup nuts
6 oz. light Greek yogurt
2 light string cheese
1/4 cup dry roasted edamame
1 tbsp hummus and 1 oz. lean deli meat
1/2 cup ricotta cheese

Of course, a convenient high protein snack is a protein bar. Be careful! Some have more calories than a candy bar! A good guideline to follow is that it's less than 180 calories per bar, should contain a minimum of 10 g protein, and ideally no more than 20 g of carbs.

Since some can be high in sugar/carbs, we suggest limiting to just one bar daily. Try splitting a larger bar in half and eat it twice a day.

Good EATS - Essential and Tasty Snacks

If you would like more suggestions on snacks that you can add to your program on your own, just let us know and we will be happy to provide this to you. You can also try our snack program, EATS, to take the guess work out of your eating. Either way, protein-based snacks can curb your food cravings, and help you stay healthy!

Call us at 866-401-DIET (3438) or email us at to add EATS to your program.

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on December 08, 2016. Updated on January 03, 2017.


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