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5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Be Eating More Fruit

Some people seem to think that fruits are just sugar bombs primed to explode and ruin your best dieting attempts. In reality, fruits contain a variety of nutrients and plentiful water and electrolytes. Fiber-rich and flavor-filled, fruits can help lower your cholesterol level and lower your blood pressure in only a few months.

5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Be Eating More Fruit

Fruits have gotten a bad rap, but we'd like to point the finger at fruit juices. It takes about 5 apples to make one 8oz glass of apple juice. Most of us would have a difficult time eating five apple all at once, but drinking the juice makes it easy. And we get 5 apples worth of sugar, something that would not occur if we were consuming the entire fruit.

Fruit sugar is called fructose, and yes, this is the same type of sugar that makes up a percentage of high fructose corn syrup – an ingredient in many soft drinks and food items which has been shown to lead to high blood pressure and weight gain. The difference in getting fructose from an apple and fructose from a soda is simple. You have a lot more nutrition, fiber (and dare we say flavor) in that apple. The soda contains added sodium and caffeine, artificial dyes and acids.

Nature seemed to know what it was doing when it comes to fructose. This fruit sugar gives fruits their pleasant, sweet taste that is accompanied by fiber, which slows the absorption and helps you feel fuller when you consume fruit. The trouble comes when portion size is thrown out the window, and you choose to eat not just 1 clementine, but maybe 3 or 4 or more during the day. That will increase calories throughout your day, and may not help your health efforts. See these 5 reasons why you should be eating more fruit.

1. Hangover Cure?

Recent research has pointed to the ability of some fruits, such as citrus fruits, pear, apple, and star fruit to reduce the amount of ethanol in the blood following co-consumption of alcohol. So drink smartly and swap your next libation for sangria or a margarita to help reduce the likelihood of a hangover the following day.

2. Noteworthy Nutrition

Fruits also contain a million different healthy compounds. Fruits contain all the different colors of the rainbow. Think about the beautiful orange color of a mango, or the bright green of kiwi. There is nothing prettier than a sweet, ripe raspberry with all the delicious red juices. Eating a variety of highly colorful fruits (and vegetables too) will go a long way for your health.

3. Cancer Protection

The colorful compounds – called bioflavonoids – in fruits and fresh foods can really pack a punch for protecting your cells from cancer. Most of these natural plant compounds serve as antioxidant cell protectors, to assist your cells in repairing DNA and preventing cellular aging. For example, mango contains a large amount of beta carotene, a fat-soluble compound which protect our cell walls from oxidation and damage.

4. High Blood Pressure

Most fruits contain a good dose of potassium. Raisins, prunes, tomatoes, and avocados contain a goodly amount of blood-pressure-reducing potassium. Diets that are rich in potassium from fresh fruits and vegetables are associated with decreased blood pressure overall. Watermelon contains L-arginine, a compound that works to help lower blood pressure by working at the surface of the lining of your blood vessels, to help create a compound that helps to relax the blood vessel when it is constricted. Citrulline is another compound found in fresh melon fruits, and may also help reduce cholesterol levels in certain individuals.

5. Weight Loss

Research has shown time and time again that eating fresh fruits and vegetables as part of a balanced diet can help you trim your waistline. Fiber, nutrients, healthy bioflavonoids all work together to help increase your body's ability to lose weight.

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