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6 Best Weight Loss Tips for Men

Whether it be for weight maintenance or weight loss, any sort of weight-related process may seem daunting. Though obstacles are often inevitable, these men's weight loss tips will make the journey seem a little less effortless!

6 Best Weight Loss Tips for Men

No matter what it's for, any sort of weight-related process may seem daunting. Add in busy schedules and life responsibilities, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight can appear far from the finish line. However, it is important to remember health is a never-ending process and life continuum. And though obstacles are frequently inevitable, these men's weight loss tips will make hurdles and sprints seem a little less effortless!

6 Weight Loss Tips for Men

1. Start with Food

Ever hear "80 percent of the work is in the kitchen and 20 percent is in the gym?" There is great truth in that statement, as good nutrition is in the core of health. Though environments are not always able to be controlled, we can try to control what we allow in it - food being one of them. If chips and ice cream are too tempting, keep them out of your home and kitchen. Load the fridge and cabinets with fresh produce, lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains.

2. Go Natural

In addition to a well-balanced diet, further drop the processed, convenience foods. Furthermore, go for naturally-sweetened products rather than pastries and candy that generally offer nothing more than sugar and calories. Reaching for fresh fruits offers fiber and nutrients, components absent in most sweet treats.

3. Lift Weights

Men are generally more apt to weight lifts compared to women. And though men are often more equipped with muscle, increasing and preserving muscle mass accelerates metabolism. Generally speaking, greater muscle mass is able to burn calories more efficiently and quickly, even when the body is at rest.

4. Drink More Water

Hunger can be mistaken for thirst. Rather than running to the kitchen for food, grab a glass of water. Additionally, a glass before and during meals may reduce overeating or desiring a second a plate of food. Though water generally lacks nutrients, staying hydrated can foster a good metabolism by supplying the body's cells with nutrients from foods and aid in digestion. If struggling to achieve adequate water intake, try these 4 easy hacks to drink more water and 13 tasty water recipes will break down those water hurdles.

5. Become Unplugged

The average population spends more than 10 hours of each day on electronics - that is almost HALF the day and not even taking into account sleep hours! Instead of getting sucked into social media, games, or a television show, put down the electronics and use that time to get active. If confined to work obligations and responsibilities, try out a standing desk or take a quick walk during breaks! Any activity is better than no activity, especially when its off your phone!

6. Try Out a Diet Delivery Program

Such programs help to regulate portions while offering convenience. BistroMD's men's weight loss program provides well-balanced meals along with constant support by nutrition experts. Ditch the drive-thru lines after long workdays and let bistroMD deliver meals right to your doorstep!

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