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You probably wouldn't be shocked to find that your metabolism changes during and after menopause. What you might find surprising is that the one size fits all diets that you've tried in the past may have actually increased your chances of gaining weight. Learn how to readjust your body's metabolism to accommodate the changes that menopause brings.

Weight Loss and Menopause: Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Work?


Hormone replacement therapy in women is one of the most popular methods used to cope with the frustrating, and sometimes agonizing, symptoms of menopause.

During the menopausal years, women often become desperate and frustrated because their quality of life is drastically flipped upside down by grueling hot flashes, sudden, unexplainable weight gain, and severe mood swings.

Hormone replacement therapy is a system of medical treatments that prevents discomfort caused by diminished circulating estrogen and progesterone hormones in the years leading up to menopause. The main hormones that are replenished in this process are estrogen, progesterone or progestins, and sometimes testosterone.

Hormone replacement therapy is not a bad method for relieving symptoms of menopause, but the process should be closely monitored by an experienced physician if you are going to make this your remedy of choice.

To see if hormone replacement therapy is right for you, learn more about this topic from BistroMD's founding physician Dr. Caroline Cederquist by watching this exclusive video below.

To see how meals developed for BistroMD by Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., can help you cope with your menopause metabolism, learn more information about our program by clicking here.

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