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You probably wouldn't be shocked to find that your metabolism changes during and after menopause. What you might find surprising is that the one size fits all diets that you've tried in the past may have actually increased your chances of gaining weight. Learn how to readjust your body's metabolism to accommodate the changes that menopause brings.

Sleep Disturbance and Menopause: Dr. Cederquist Explains How Blood Sugar Plays a Key Role

In this exclusive video, BistroMD's founding physician, Dr. Caroline Cederquist, explains why some women experience sleep disturbance during menopause, and what the possible causes may be:

In the video, Dr. Cederquist explains how certain symptoms of menopause can affect the sleeping habits of women and what the main causes may be.

Sleep deprivation during menopause can make menopause much worse for many women, because it can heighten the severity of other symptoms.

There are different remedies that you can do to prevent sleep disturbance, however, Dr. Cederquist recommends that you also avoid certain remedies that promise miracle results, if you want to fix the problem.

She also explains the significance of blood sugar, and how it can have a major impact on your sleeping habits during menopause.

Written By bistroMD Team. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on January 11, 2013.


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