Rave Reviews

#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Blood Sugar Solution

"Dr. Cederquist unveils the secret to identifying and treating your MD Factor. Her easy-to-follow action plan enables readers to correct this frustrating condition through a specialized diet program with delicious and easy-to-follow recipes."

- Mark Hyman, M.D.

#1 New York Times bestselling author of Grain Brain

"A powerful book with a plan that works."

- David Perlmutter, M.D.

A Scientifically Sound Approach That Anyone Can Understand

"In The MD Factor Diet Dr. Cederquist lays out a complete and concise explanation of why so many people struggle to lose weight and then details a simple plan to fix the problem. A very readable presentation of a scientifically sound approach that anyone can understand."

- Michael Steelman, M.D., FASBP

Proven Benefits

Discover if you are one of the more than 150 million Americans who has metabolism dysfunction and learn what you can do to reverse it.
Begin to see meaningful improvements in weight, blood pressure and cholesterol reading within just weeks of starting the MD Factor action plan.
Get Better sleep and experience more energy and vitality as you reclaim your broken metabolism and begin your journey to wellness.
Correct your metabolism to generate weight loss and life-transforming wellness with Dr. Cederquist’s easy to follow weight loss action plan.
Reduce cravings for empty calories that come from sugary sweets and carb-laden starches by retraining your body’s response to the food you eat.
Reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Dr. Cederquist has even seen many diabetic patients reduce or eliminate medications after following her action plan.

About The MD Factor Diet

What if you were told that you were potentially one of millions of Americans who possesses a silent metabolic dysfunction that has the ability to dramatically affect your health and impact the quality of your life? Over the course of nearly 20 years of work in her private medical weight loss practice, Dr. Cederquist has identified this exact condition - metabolism dysfunction - or the MD Factor. The innovative, scientific approach to treating the MD Factor found in her celebrated new book, The MD Factor Diet, incorporates the same easy to follow action plan that she has used with thousands of her patients to successfully treat and reverse the MD Factor.


Phases of the MD Factor Action Plan

There are three distinct phases of the MD Factor Action Plan found in The MD Factor Diet. The first three days form the Reclaim Phase, which is specially designed to clear your bloodstream of excess insulin and provide a jump-start for your metabolism. Following Reclaim is the Transformation Phase, which will help you maintain a high level of energy, keep your appetite satisfied while eliminating cravings, and lock your body into a fat-burning mode. Rounding out the action plan is the Stabilization Phase, which consists of six days of higher carbohydrate intake and is strategically placed so that your body doesn't settle into a rhythm, which is often the cause of weight loss plateaus.



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