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Insulin Resistance

Though it is the precursor to diabetes, whose rates have been on the rise for decades, few people know of insulin resistance, and how it can change their lives. In this section you will find articles that provide an explanation of insulin resistance as well as ways to avoid, or halt, its development.

What Most Doctors Fail to Catch: Insulin Resistance

Most often, we choose to visit our doctor when we have a feeling that something isn't right with our body. We already know that something appears to be out of the ordinary, but we lack the medical expertise to pinpoint the problem. This is a common story for people who are struggling with unexplained weight gain.

When dieting and exercise have failed to produce the weight loss desired, many people turn to their last hope - their doctor.

Surprisingly though, many doctors often overlook the most simple of explanations for their patients' unexplained weight gains. This overlooked explanation is also one of the most common causes of otherwise unexplained weight gain. So what is it? Insulin resistance.

Insulin is produced within the pancreas, and is necessary for the body to regulate the amount of glucose that is available for cellular functions. In short, insulin acts as the gatekeeper for sugar to enter the cells of the body.

In the video below, Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D. explains the symptoms of insulin resistance.

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