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Insulin Resistance

Though it is the precursor to diabetes, whose rates have been on the rise for decades, few people know of insulin resistance, and how it can change their lives. In this section you will find articles that provide an explanation of insulin resistance as well as ways to avoid, or halt, its development.

Signs of Insulin Resistance

What would you think if your doctor were to tell you that you were at risk for diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer - all because of a common hormonal imbalance? Would you simply shrug it off and go on with your life? Probably not.

The fact is that millions of Americans suffer from insulin resistance. This condition, which in its most extreme form leads to diabetes, is marked by the body's inability to properly utilize insulin to absorb sugar into its cells.

Without adequate nutrition the cells of the body cannot function properly. The body compensates for this lack of nutrition in the form of cravings for sugar and starch laden foods. Often, excess weight in insulin resistant individuals is carried around the midsection.

In the video below, Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D. explains the signs of insulin resistance, and the importance of catching it before it leads to potentially deadly diseases.

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