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take the reality check diet analysis take the reality check diet analysis


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BistroMD's 30-Day Fitness Challenge Plan

Slim & sculpt your whole body with bistroMD’s 30-Day Slim & Sculpt Challenge. Each day will increase your strength and in as little as one month you will begin to see amazing results!

We suggest taking a picture before you start the challenge and take another after you have completed the challenge, in 30 days. You will be inspired by the results! Throughout the challenge, we recommend you pair these workouts with healthy eating and by drinking plenty of water to see the best success.

Do you accept the challenge? Start today!

Need assistance with performing the exercises listed above? Check out our one song workout graphics which provide a visual representation of each move.

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Written by bistroMD Team. Published on July 01, 2015. Updated on October 22, 2019.


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