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13 Healthy Holiday Treats

Sweet treats are to be expected and typically desired come holiday season. Although healthy holiday desserts may seem like an implausible pairing, these 13 holiday treats are nothing short of tasty and sure to keep weight loss goals in check this season!


13 Healthy Holiday Treat Recipes

1. Gingerbread Cookies
Welcome the best dressed holiday men to the party... We are talking those notorious gingerbread men! But along with gingerbread men, this healthy cookie recipe can also be transformed into other shapes. So dust off your cookie cutters and have fun with your loved ones in the kitchen!

2. Maple Cranberry Orange Yogurt Parfait
The warm delectable taste of maple syrup is rejuvenated to this cool, citrusy treat. The total package of protein-packed Greek yogurt and fiber-rich cranberry and orange not only makes the parfait a healthy holiday treat, but even a well-balanced breakfast or snack option!

3. Cranberry Greek Yogurt Bark
The love of cranberry and Greek yogurt does not stop at a parfait. In fact, this cranberry Greek yogurt bark is just another reason to relish the versatile flavors of each that much more! This holiday treat is crunchy, creamy, and nutritious. What more could be desired?

4. Homemade Twix Bar
The delicacy of caramel is a holiday classic across the board. But with this homemade Twix bar recipe, the sugar-loaded caramel is dismissed with a unique, yet nutritious component... dates! Give the unique healthy holiday recipe a worthy try this season for ample health benefits!

5. Brazil Nut Bites
Chocolaty, crunchy, healthy, convenient, and simple... with only five ingredients, you can bring those five characteristic to existence! These Brazil nut bites can act as a nutritious snack or a small holiday treat. And with the health benefits of Brazil nuts the holiday treats can only be strengthened.

6. Apple Walnut Crisp
Though apples are commonly perceived as a fall flavor, the flavors and spices of this apple walnut crisp will certainly transport you into the holiday season! The healthy holiday dessert offers warmth and comfort without packing on calories like most crumbles and crisps.

7. Mint Ice Cream
Even if it is chilly outside, let it resonate indoors with this untraditional ice cream! Using avocados, the creaminess is heightened without all the unnecessary ingredients, including all that added sugar! Let mint extract or fresh mint leaves freshen your taste buds and offer noteworthy health benefits this "minter season!

8. Honey Drizzled Grapefruit
Drizzled honey lightly sweetens this juicy grapefruit! But it is not the natural sweetness that is solely enticing, but the cooking method that heightens to its appeal. Broiling the grapefruit offers warmth and a caramelized crunch! They are also completely customizable, allowing your holiday guests to add their choice of toppings, including cinnamon, Greek yogurt, and toasted coconut and pecans.

9. Apricot and Pistachio Crumble
Crumbles are typically loaded with sugar and fat, but this apricot and pistachio crumble offers a healthful spin this holiday season. The apricots and pistachios not only pair well, but each provide more potassium than a banana!

10. Sugar Cookies
Any recipe calling for sugar is almost certain to pack on calories. But with this healthier sugar cookie recipe, sugar and calorie content is reduced, without bargaining the sought-out, sweetened flavor!

11. Lemon Squares
The citrusy-sweet lemon bar is truly a holiday treat to be anticipated! But those desirable squares are often loaded with butter and sugar. This health-ified lemon square bar is suggested to resemble the original recipe, ensuring its flavor!

12. Pumpkin Bread Pudding
Eat a healthy holiday dessert for breakfast this season! Not only is this pumpkin bread pudding recipe flavorful and nutritious, but is gluten-free and accommodates to individuals with Celiac disease and a gluten sensitivity.

13. Chocolate Chip Cookies
Last but not least... those special treats (with a glass of milk) often sat out for Santa each year! But with these chocolate chip cookies, both you and Saint Nicholas will remain both healthful and jolly!

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on November 14, 2017. Updated on May 10, 2019.


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