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The Number One Easiest Way to Lose Weight

Read on to discover the easiest and most reliable way to lose weight and keep it off. It's probably not what you've heard elsewhere!

The Number One Easiest Way to Lose Weight

The media, popular culture, and conventional diets have made weight loss a short-term endeavor for many dieters, with encouragement from ads that offer easy ways to lose weight in time for your beach vacation or that upcoming wedding. But treating your diet plan as a short-lived endeavor that will end the minute you attain your ideal weight is actually the greatest obstacle to weight loss and maintenance. The easiest way to lose weight is not to spring-clean or holiday-proof your diet in preparation for seasonal events, but to make permanent dietary changes that yield health returns for a lifetime.

Reset Your Outlook

If making permanent dietary changes is the easiest way to lose weight, you might ask, why don't more dieters do it? Although many individuals want to lose weight, because of conventional wisdom about diets and their restrictive nature, few believe that dieting permanently is a realistic prospect. Most dieters have fallen into a negative mindset that dieting necessarily entails sacrifice - a sacrifice of those unhealthy foods that have until today filled your diet. For this reason, they embark on a diet for a season and then regress into their old dietary habits - often regaining weight. By beginning to view your diet not as a diet, but as a life change that offers the freedom to live healthy you can free yourself from the perception that eating well is only a temporary endeavor. The only sacrifice you will make with this kind of shift in thinking is excess pounds.

Correct Your Metabolism

If in the past, you have succumbed to the metabolic myth that the less you eat, the more you lose, you may have experienced cyclical weight loss or rapid losses and gains. If such rollercoaster diets have damaged your metabolism, the easiest way to lose weight is not to start subtracting more food, but to rev up your metabolism by treating food as medicine and reclaiming your metabolism with the addition of fresh, wholesome, nutrient-dense foods into your diet. These foods will keep you feeling satiated and allow your metabolism to keep burning even when you're not eating.

Sustain Your Diet

"Let old habits die hard" is a beloved expression by everyone but dieters, who even after successful weight loss, often struggle to part ways with destructive eating habits that first led them into their weighty conundrum. By revisiting your previous dietary digressions, you only make yourself more likely to revisit your old weight. Successful weight maintenance in the long-term requires permanent dietary changes that are not only nourishing, but enjoyable and convenient for your lifestyle. This means that long after you've met your target weight, your diet plan should continue to afford you easy ways to lose weight through healthy foods that are also so delicious that you would voluntarily choose them over unhealthy foods in order to maintain the weight loss and sustain your energy levels through all of the stages of your life.

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