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Here you will find tons of information about healthy eating and incorporating the principles of healthy nutrition into your daily life. Built around Dr. Cederquist’s nutritional foundation for healthy weight loss, these articles place a wealth of information right at your fingertips.

The Best Diet Foods Out There

The Best Diet Foods Out There

There are too many diets out there to count on one hand.  Some focus on cutting calories while others ask you to count your calories.  And more complex diets instruct you to limit or increase your intake of carbs, protein or fat.  With hundreds of different diets and diet plans, finding the best diet foods can seem pretty impossible, until now. 

The best diet foods are:


Although water is not technically a food item, it is one of the most helpful weight loss tools.  Water aids in digestion and can also improve memory and brain function.  Water can help make you feel fuller longer and it’s an excellent substitute for those diet busting drinks—soda, alcohol, milkshakes, etc. 

If you’re a fan of the high calorie, sugary drinks, aim to replace at least one daily diet busting beverage a day—or avoid these kinds of drinks altogether. 


Spinach is a low calorie, low fat, low carb, low protein diet food that is packed with vitamins and nutrients.  One serving of spinach is only 20 calories!  It is also a versatile food that can be added to an omelet for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and eaten as a salad for dinner.  It’s no surprise that it’s considered one of the best diet foods.

Plain Yogurt

Yogurt is a great breakfast diet food because plain yogurt usually has equal amounts of carbs and protein. Low fat varieties can also be found at your local grocery store.  However, when eating yogurt as a diet food, watch the portions and the toppings since excessive portions and toppings can outweigh the benefits of the diet food. Remember, portion control is key. 

Lean Cuts of Meat

Lean cuts of chicken, turkey, pork and beef are better alternatives than their untrimmed counterparts.  When you’re at the grocery store, look for cuts of meat without excess fat.  Broiling, baking, roasting, or grilling the meat is the best way to prepare meat because it uses little oil and only has a few added calories.   

The list of the best diet foods could go on forever. 

Some more tips to lose weight

Proper rest, stress management, exercise and healthy eating are all necessary to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. 

Sleep helps you feel more refreshed and energized.  Generally, people who get at least eight hours of sleep each night are less likely to snack throughout the day, which will significantly help drop the pounds.

Good sleep helps you manage stress better.  When people are stressed, they often turn to food or avoid food altogether.  Both of these choices are unhealthy and can eventually lead to weight gain and other medical problems.  Try reducing your stress by planning ahead and eating healthy. 

Exercise is a vital component of weight loss.  By moving and being active you are burning off the calories you consume.  Exercise can also help you make better food choices, get more sleep and reduce signs of stress. 

Eating healthy on a regular basis can be a challenge if you normally have a hectic schedule. But if you’re looking for something fast and convenient without the hassle of frequenting the grocery store, bistroMD offers a diet delivery program that can help you successfully lose weight through healthy eating.

The best diet foods delivered to your door

We cook with the freshest ingredients and have over 200 recipes and a customizable menu so you should have no problem finding something to satisfy your taste buds. Every bite you take follows this proven approach for healthy weight loss: 1,100-1,400 calories daily with 40-50% total caloric intake from lean, adequate protein, 20-25% of calories from healthy fats, and 30-35% from complex carbohydrates.

It only takes a few weeks to start seeing results. You don’t have anything to lose, but the fat!

We have a men and a women’s program with the option to receive five-or-seven-days’ worth of healthy meals delivered to your door.

The two programs range from $130-$160 and EATS, our essential and tasty snacks are just $1.50 per snack. Women receive two snacks per day and men receive three snacks per day.

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