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The 20 Best and Worst Low Carb Fruits

Most nutrition experts stray away from grouping foods into "good" and "bad" categories, especially when it comes to nutritious food like fruits. However, there are certain low-carb fruits that can keep weight and blood sugars in check as opposed to high carb fruits. Be aware of these 20 best and worst low-carb fruits!


Most nutrition experts like to stray away from grouping foods into "good" and "bad" categories, especially when it comes to nutritious fruits. However, there are certainly recommended low-carb fruits to keep weight and blood sugars in check compared to high carb fruits. Let's take a closer look at the 20 most popular fruits 20 high and see their carbohydrate content.

How Many Carbs in Fruit?

Carb content in fruit varies between types, portion sizes, and ripeness. Below indicates carb content, in grams (g), from highest to lowest. To consistently indicate disparities, all values are based on a 100-gram quantity.

*Values obtained and modified from the USDA's National Nutrient Database

Additional Tips

When or if straying away from fresh fruit, be mindful of the following:

Fruit Juices

When choosing fruit juices, pay close attention to the ingredient label to verify sugars were not added. And when consuming real fruit juices, try sticking to indicated serving sizes. Though brands vary, general carb content of apple juice is 30 grams per 8-ounce cup compared to approximately 20 grams per medium-sized apple. Additionally, juices are stripped out of fiber that a whole piece of fruit contains and offers.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits such as raisins and cranberries are heavily concentrated in sugar. Additionally, you can get much more bang for your buck if consuming its fresh counterpart. To put into comparison, 100 grams of raisins contain 77.5 grams of carb while grapes contain 18.1 for the same 100-gram amount.


Though some smoothies are quite healthy, others are essentially a high volume of fruits and carbs blended into one beverage. Smoothies high in natural or added sugar can spike blood glucose levels while leaving you hungry within an hour following their consumption. For the ultimate smoothie, check out these best smoothies to lose weight and optimize health!

All-in-all, there really is no bad fruit. Instead of avoiding favorite fruits related to their carb content, be sure to stick to portion sizes, especially if managing blood sugars. The general recommendation for fruit intake is two to three servings per day and their fiber, vitamin, and mineral content are truly worthy to bite into!

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