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The Benefits of a Meal Delivery Service

From being a simpler way to make healthy choices to gifting more time for yourself, the benefits of the best prepared meal delivery service are unmatched. Find out how you can lose the weight and gain so much more with the assistance of meal prep services.


Meal delivery services continue to thrive and gain in popularity, and for good reason.

The benefits of a meal delivery service are diverse and unexpected. And especially when selecting the best prepared meal delivery service for you and your weight loss and health goals, the benefits are unmatched.

So find out how you can lose the weight and gain so much more with the assistance of meal prep services.

The Benefits of Meal Delivery Service

From being a simpler way to make healthy choices to gifting more time for yourself, the benefits of meal delivery service are undoubted and sure to please.

Simpler Way to Make Healthy Choices

In a society of innutritious convenience foods and widespread misinformation, it can be a challenge recognizing how to eat healthier.

But this is how meal prep services can truly shine: Taking out the guesswork out healthy eating and making it simple to make healthier choices.

What's more, the best prepared meal delivery service sifts and adheres to the latest information and science-based evidence that transpires into well-balanced meals for weight loss and overall health.

On-staff dietitians are also beneficial for ensuring balanced meals, along offering nutritional guidance and addressing health-related concerns. Their nutrition expertise is vital for providing science-based recommendations, especially in a society filled with numerous fad and dangerous diets.

Truly when professional expertise is used throughout a meal plan, there is a natural confidence and peace of mind knowing the body is receiving adequate nutrients for weight loss and overall health.

And that is exactly what you receive with bistroMD, as healthy meal plans are backed by science and research of founding weight loss physician Dr. Caroline Cederquist. With over 20 years of medical expertise in her field, Dr. Cederquist works with a team of Registered Dietitians to customize and ensure nutritional requirements for healthy and long-term weight loss are met.

Every meal is doctor-designed and dietitian-approved and provides a scientific balance of complex carbohydrates, whole grains and fiber along with lean protein and healthy fat ratios to jumpstart weight loss.

More specifically, each meal contains 1,100 to 1,400 calories daily with 40 to 50 percent of total caloric intake from lean, adequate protein, 20 to 25 percent of calories from healthy fats, and 30 to 35 percent from complex carbohydrate.

Ease Your Busy Life

If looking for something fast and convenient without the hassle of frequenting the grocery store, the best prepared meal delivery service not only simplifies healthy eating, but eases a busy life in the process.

BistroMD was created as a very real response of eating healthier in a busy society. At Dr. Cederquist's medical center, co-founder Ed Cederquist would hear patients say, "I'm losing weight, but I don't have the time or knowledge to cook healthy."

This sparked the question, "Why not combine his love for food with Caroline's expertise as The M.D.?" Thus, the nation's leading weight loss meal delivery service was founded and continues to break barriers of eating healthy and losing weight in a busy society.

More Time to Yourself

According to a USDA report, Americans spend almost 40 minutes daily preparing and serving food and cleaning up.

While cooking is certainly invaluable and encouraged, spending that much time each day can be quite the time commitment. So because the grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning is already done with a meal delivery service, there is no need to spend hours in the kitchen preparing healthy meals for the week.

That being said, one of the most notable benefits of a meal delivery service is its provision of saving time – which means more time to yourself doing the things you love, along with spending it with the ones you love.

Proof BistroMD Works

After five years of marriage Ashley and her husband were both shocked to learn that they had both become overweight.

"Due to busy work schedules, cooking was hard, so we decided to try BistroMD. After 4 months on the program, he lost 35 pounds and I lost 15," Ashley said.

Her favorite part about bistroMD: It taught her and her husband how to eat healthy and take control of their health.

And other bistroMD reviewers are raving, "Great solution for healthy eating," and "Great way to help with learning correct portions and balance of foods."

So what are you waiting for? Find out just how bistroMD can make healthier eating simple, ease your busy life, gift more time to yourself, and work for you!

Written By bistroMD Team. Published on July 26, 2013. Updated on March 01, 2019.


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