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Healthy Eating

Here you will find tons of information about healthy eating and incorporating the principles of healthy nutrition into your daily life. Built around Dr. Cederquist’s nutritional foundation for healthy weight loss, these articles place a wealth of information right at your fingertips.

Low Calorie Foods: Yummy and Nutritious

Low Calorie Foods: Yummy and Nutritious

Have you been searching for the miracle food? You know, the food you can eat all day and not gain weight.  Well chances are, your search has not been very successful since every food contains calories; however, many foods also contain key nutrients that are essential for survival and healthy living. So, maybe your miracle foods are more possible than you think.

This list provides some nutritious and low calorie foods.

      - Carrots

With only 35 calories and 120% of your daily recommendation of vitamin A per serving, carrots are a great low calorie food.  You can eat them as a snack, after the gym, or in a variety of entrees like soups and casseroles.  The food network details many carrot recipes, but keep in mind that even low calorie foods, can be mixed in dishes that are highly caloric.  To get the maximum benefit from these recipes, reduce the oil and salt or look for lower calorie alternatives.     

      - Lettuce 

Even if salads are not your favorite entree, lettuce is a great low calorie food with only 20 calories per serving.  Lettuce adds an extra crunch and nutritional value to sandwiches, is the base for any vegetable salad and can also be put in soup, stir-fries and of course, lettuce wraps.  For some creative ideas click here.   

      - Celery

High in calcium, fiber and potassium, celery is a great low calorie food with less than 20 calories per serving.  Celery can be eaten by itself, with peanut butter, in soups and salads and many other creative ways.      

      - Water

Although water is not technically food, it is a great low calorie drink with numerous health benefits.  Regular water consumption can reduce headaches, improve digestion, increase energy and has even been linked to weight loss.  Make sure you are drinking enough water by taking this quiz

      - Rice Cakes

With significantly lower calories than bread, rice cakes make a great alternative to breakfast toast.  Nut butters, fruit and jelly make great toppings; however, each topping adds calories to the rice cake.    

       - Watermelon

High in vitamin A and C, watermelon is a great low calorie food option.  Watch out for the high sugar content and don’t eat too many.

To check the calorie content of any food, check the nutrition label.

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