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Foods for Diets: Stay Informed

Foods for Diets: Stay Informed

You have finally decided to act on your New Year resolution to lose weight and improve your health; but this time it’s different.

This time you will succeed: you will enjoy your diet food, you will be excited about your exercise routine and you will love your new body.  With the following foods for diets list, you will find dietary suggestions to help you get started.

Foods for diets low in fat

A low fat diet is great if you are hoping to trim excess body fat and reduce your risk of life threatening diseases like heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  Most low fat diets restrict fat found in foods such as butter, oil and nuts.  Also, fast food is not recommended on this type of diet or any other diet for that matter. 

Common foods that can be enjoyed on a low fat diet include:

      - Fruit. Most fruit is naturally low in fat, tastes great and can supply your body with necessary vitamins and minerals that it needs to function.

      - Vegetables.  Like fruit, many vegetables are low in fat and tasty food choices.  Steam, grill, roast, or eat raw for a great, healthy and easy side dish.

      - Grains.  Whole grains and complex carbohydrates provide the body with energy , making you feel fuller, longer.  When eating grains, watch the calories and do not eat more than the recommended serving—unless you want to gain all of that weight back.

Foods for diets high in protein:

A diet high in protein can help limit muscle loss and also promote fat burning during weight loss.  The staples of this diet include high protein foods like:

      - Eggs.  Eggs are a great natural source of protein.  Eggs are convenient because they can be eaten in a variety of ways including hard boiled, as an omelet or as a salad topping.

      - Meat.  Animal based protein such as chicken, pork, beef and fish are also good sources of protein.  Experiment with different preparation methods, sauces and spices for more variety.

      - Dairy.  Milk, cheese and yogurt can be eaten alone or added to other dishes to increase the amount of protein.  

      - Nuts.  Although nuts are high in calories, they are a great source of protein and can also make a great mid-morning snack.

      - Tofu.  If you are vegetarian or you do not want animal based protein, tofu can be used as a delicious substitute. 

Foods for diets high in carbs:

A high carb diet may be the right diet for you if you do not eat animal based protein or if you constantly feel hungry while dieting. 

Common high carb diet foods include:

      - Whole grains.  Pastas, pizzas and whole grain like wheat, rice and barely are filling options that provide your body with nutrients.

      - Fruits.  Fruits are naturally high carb foods.  The wide variety of fruit available can make your diet more interesting while providing your body with key nutrients.

      - Vegetables.  Starchy vegetables like potato, squash, corn and carrots are also high carb foods. 

This list should be used as a starting point.  Additionally, you should read food labels, talk with your friends, family, and doctor so you can enjoy your dieting experience.  Remember that dieting is neither a punishment nor a quick process. You should enjoy yourself and make a long-term life change instead of a temporary adjustment—once you do, you’ll feel great.    

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