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6 Ways to Improve Healthy Eating Habits

Whether related to busy schedules, the convenience of drive thrus, or the cultivation of factors far and in between, healthy eating may be sitting on the back burner. But with these six simple steps to eating healthy and healthier eating tips, you can develop beneficial habits that last!


6 Steps to Eating Healthy

1. Make and Conform to Your Decision
One of the first steps of building a habit is by identifying what exactly you want and conforming to it. So in the context of diet, consistently working towards healthier eating behaviors can transform into lifelong habits.

2. Set Realistic Goals
Though setting lofty goals is admirable, it is important to be honest with yourself. Work towards small goals in the moment can transform into long-term outcomes!

3. Determine and Foresee Barriers
Adopting habits is not always a walk in the park… Behaviors can be detoured by roadblocks and speed bumps. Determining such barriers can help you set in place an action plan to overcome such obstacles. For instance, if driving past your favorite ice cream store is too tempting, take a different route.

4. Inform Others On Your New Practices
While you do not necessarily have to shout out your new habit from the rooftop, informing others of your new behaviors can truly be impactful. Their knowing can not only support you, but potentially motivate them to make healthful changes too.

5. Track Progress
Individuals who track their progress throughout the year may endure the most success, and doing so can be as simple as journaling in a diary or snapping pictures. Tracing ones own personal growth can keep individuals dedicated throughout the process.

6. Stay Proactive and Positive
Routines do not happen overnight, but with a proactive approach and a positive attitude, you can successfully accomplish your goal of having healthier eating habits!

Easy Ways to Eat Healthy

Go Natural
One of the easiest ways to eat healthy is simply limiting highly processed and refined products and swapping them out with more natural foods, including whole grains, fresh produce, lean proteins, milk and dairy products, and healthy fats. When shopping, mostly stick to the store’s perimeter, as it tends to hold the most nutritious and wholesome food items.

Offer Variety
Healthier eating is much more than a plateful of chicken and steamed broccoli… Consistently eating the same “diet” foods can cause burnout, subsequently increasing the risk of resorting back to old habits. But do not narrow down your choices to just a few; the more the merrier! Granting yourself numerable options and variety can lessen the risk of feeling deprived of foods.

Limit Liquid Calories
One of the simplest ways to cut calories and sugars is by limiting and dismissing sugary sodas and other sweetened beverages. Especially if an avid soda drinker, start dwindling down consumption over a gradual timespan, ultimately to dramatically limit or completely cut it from the diet.

Meal Prep
The act of meal prepping is a valuable healthy eating habit, as doing so can help limit work throughout the week and prevent the threat of relying on convenience foods. If new to the practice or simply desiring assistance and tips, find your guide to meal prepping, recipes, and ideas here.

Snack Smartly
Just say “No!” to daily visits with the vending machine… Smart and healthy snacks consisting of protein and fiber can control appetite, manage weight, and enhance cognition. Valuable snack combos include hummus and cucumber slices, peanut butter and bananas, Greek yogurt and blueberries, and tuna and whole grain crackers.

Eat Based On Hunger
Rather than eating based on boredom or perceived cravings, start recognizing hunger and satiety cues. Eating based on hunger is imperative to nourishing the body, along with forming a good relationship with food. Tune into internal cues by slowing down at meals, eating at the dining table, and limiting external distractions. Additionally, well-balanced meals and snacks can help keep hunger at bay.

Indulge in A Social Manner
It is absolutely okay to indulge on occasion! But doing so in a private environment may pose the jeopardy of overeating. Treat yourself to favorite indulgences in a social manner, as doing so takes the focus off heightened cravings and more onto the total experience with others.

Written By Sarah Asay, RDN. Published on September 28, 2017. Updated on September 14, 2019.


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