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6 Benefits of Eating Frozen Foods

When it comes to frozen foods, you may be imagining a television dinner loaded with sodium and unnecessary additives. But frozen foods and meals are much more than a box dinner loaded with salt, and can even be advantageous to not only the body, but to the economy. Embrace frozen food and lock in their cool benefits!


6 Cool Benefits and Advantages of Frozen Foods

1. Convenient
Starting with a benefit a little less obvious... Frozen foods and meals are convenient. From veggie steam pouches to popping in a frozen pizza, minimal effort is required on your end regarding their preparation. Keeping frozen foods stocked also offers convenient backups for whenever time is crunched or dinner ingredients are scarce.

2. Ensured Freshness
In fact, frozen food may even be the freshest. Freezing foods essentially inhibits spoilage when frozen during their peak ripeness. Produce, especially, is flash frozen within just a few short hours following harvest, locking in key nutrients and preserving taste.

3. Nutrient-Rich
Thanks to freezing technology, frozen foods are not only healthful, but may even be more nutrient-rich than fresh products. As mentioned, produce is generally flash frozen during peak ripeness, thus locking in and withholding their nutritional content. The principle can further hold true when frozen foods are compared to fresh produce that may lose their nutritional quality during prolonged transportation and storage at grocery stores.

4. Meal Flexibility
Having nutritious, frozen foods ready for use not only lessens the risk of continuous evenings out for dinners, but helps individuals adhere to health goals. Meal flexibility helps reduce the risk of flavor burnout, which may ultimately resort to less healthful habits and decisions.

5. Year-Round Enjoyment
Frozen foods have a much longer shelf-life than its refrigerated relative. Preserving foods allows individuals to enjoy foods that may not be in season throughout all times of the year, especially seasonal fruits, veggies, and fresh caught fish.

6. Budget-Friendly
"Eating healthy is too expensive" is a common misconception or excuse when it comes to choosing more nutritious foods over convenience products. Although choosing organic sources may be take a harder beating on the wallet, frozen foods can ambiguously be waist and budget-friendly. Preserving foods also lessens the risk of throwing both food and money away.

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Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on July 06, 2017. Updated on September 14, 2019.


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