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From tips on how to lose weight effectively to ways to combat boredom eating, this collection of informative articles covers a wide range of health topics that matter to real people, like you.

The Truth about the Cause of Your Weight Gain

Learn what bad habits and diet choices could be the hidden reason behind unwanted weight gain.

The Truth about the Cause of Your Weight Gain

With over two thirds of the U.S. population being overweight or obese, many of us have become frustrated over our weight gain simply because we don’t understand exactly why we can’t seem to lose weight.

With the start of spring, many of us are wondering how we can control our own weight gain when most of the population seems to be indulging in unhealthy eating habits. The question that seems to be going through all of our minds is: how did it get to this point?

According to studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it was discovered that Americans are eating a lot more calories than they used to. This higher rate of calorie consumption has definitely been contributing to the growth in the number of people who are either overweight or obese. In fact, since the early 1970’s, American men and women have been consuming between 7-18% more calories than in previous years.

What’s to blame for this gigantic growth in calorie consumption? The simple explanation is the food we eat.

In every grocery store across the nation, shelves and freezers are packed with food that is cheap, easy to produce, and high in calories and fillers. The reason why foods are so cheap and readily available? These foods are designed to give you unhealthy calories, for a very cheap price. Listed below are just a few of these unhealthy foods.

Fast Food…Fast Weight Gain

The hamburger is an American food staple, and most Americans love to chow down on a burger from their favorite fast-food chain. This love is also fueled by timely convenience, and a lower cost.

Hamburgers do come from cows, yes, but there is definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to the production of your favorite beef patty.

Most fast-food hamburger patties go through companies that specialize in slaughterhouse trimmings that are usually used in pet food and cooking oil, but are then transformed into the hamburgers we love to enjoy. In order to get these “patties” clean enough for human consumption, the meat has to be inspected for both E. coli and salmonella, which like to congregate in fatty deposits.

How does this meat pass the test for human consumption? Well, the ground meat is actually passed through a series of pipes where it is exposed to ammonia gas. This process has been approved by laws, and isn’t required to be mentioned on labels, so it stays hidden from customers. Add this to the fact that your hamburger actually could contain bits and pieces of different cows from all over the world, which only adds to an increase in food contamination.

A healthy alternative to the ammonia-packed fast food hamburger? If you still have a craving for a hamburger, just visit your local butcher and have him pick out a nice hunk of sirloin and grind it up fresh. This way, you avoid unhealthy fillers, and your meat stays ammonia-free.

Hold the “Disguised” Bacon…

What makes salad better for most of us? Adding toppings like bacon, dressing, and cheese, of course!

Since most of us don’t prefer “rabbit food” solo, we still think we are eating healthy if we add some toppings to our salads to make it taste better.

One of the most popular salad toppings are bacon bits, but what we don’t realize is that the “bacon” we put on our salad is actually in disguise.

For your knowledge, most bacon salad toppings don’t contain the slightest hint of pork anywhere in the ingredients. Most of these “bacon-like” toppings are actually made with soybeans.

Most bacon bits are made with trans-fatty, hydrogenated soybean oil that is laced with artificial coloring, and loaded with sugar and salt. This alternative is actually more unhealthy than real bacon!

Instead of the bacon bits, go for more protein and add slices of either lean turkey breast or grilled chicken, and try to avoid drenching your salad with a ton of dressing.

The “Fruit” Found in Your Yogurt Cup…

When we think of yogurt, we generally think of it as being a healthy snack. Most yogurt cups made these days are conveniently packed with antioxidant rich fruits, but are they really healthy for you?

Most yogurt does offer a decent serving of protein, but many of these “cups of health” actually contain a ton of sugar. Often, the fruit included in your favorite yogurt is actually saturated in high-fructose corn syrup.

These servings of fruit yogurt contain low-quality refined carbohydrates, and are the last thing anyone should eat for breakfast, or as a snack. Studies have shown that the more carbs you eat at breakfast, the slower your metabolism will be. These spikes in blood sugar caused by high sugar intake could possibly negatively affect your short-term memory.

There are better alternatives to this “unhealthy” yogurt craze. Plain, Greek-style yogurt is mixed with real blueberries, and can give your body the necessary protein it needs to feel satisfied longer.

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Written By bistroMD Team. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on June 14, 2019.


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