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The 21 Best Ways to Lose Weight

When it comes to weight loss, there really is not "one size fits all." However, there are simple diet plans and tips that often accommodate to all individuals. Be the healthiest you by practicing these 21 best ways to lose weight!


Mental Approach to Health and Weight Loss

1. Healthy Mindset
This may be the most beneficial tip to lose weight, as starting inside with a healthy mindset can ultimately lead to a healthier outside. Throughout the weight loss journey, stay positive. Acknowledge slipups and move on, as dwelling on perceived mistakes can be mentally damaging and negatively impact goals.

2. Set Goals
To keep yourself motivated and accounted for, set goals. Start will small goals that can largely develop into lifelong habits. For instance, limit soft drinks from three per day to one, exercise from zero to three times each week, etc. As goals become completed, extend and add to offer complexity.

3. Stick to Habits
Working hard towards goals can ultimately develop into habits. But once they are obtained, try sticking to them. Though speed bumps are inevitable to occur, do not resort back into unhealthful practices that can turn back into unhealthful habits.

4. Stop Obsessing Over the Scale
Though the scale can be a quantifiable measure in identifying weight loss, obsessing over numbers may be emotionally destructive. It is important to understand daily fluctuations occur constantly and even if the number is not changing, your body very well could be.

5. Monitor Progress
Instead of obsessing over the scale, use other validations. If needing quantifiable progress tracking, measurements can help indicate changes whether it be in muscle growth and waist shrinkage. Other ways to monitor improvement include increased feelings of strength, progress pictures, and loser fitting clothing.

6. Do Not Reward with Food
Whether it be after a long day at work or defeating an intense workout, stop using food as a reward. Doing so can lead to a poor association with food and pack on calories, as the food choices are often innutritious and high in calorie. Instead, reward yourself with a good book or warm, relaxing bath. Furthermore, put a dollar in a jar each time you complete a workout. Once that dollar amount has reached the price of a new pair of running shoes, watch, or other desired product, go reward yourself with that motivating purchase!

Simple Diet Plan Tips

7. Don't Skip Breakfast
There is much truth to "Breakfast is the most important of the day!" Though the research is off and on conflicting, studies do suggest people who eat breakfast are more likely to foster a healthy weight. Additionally, starting the day off with a lean protein and healthy carb source can regulate blood sugar levels and offer energy to start the day.

8. Increase Fiber
Fiber has multiple benefits, weight loss being one of them! Research shows individuals with a high fiber intake exploit a healthier body mass index (BMI). Increase fiber by consuming whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and beans and legumes.

9. Eat Protein
Complimenting high-fiber foods with a lean protein is a further good way to lose weight. When it comes to a diet to lose fat, consuming protein is imperative to fostering muscle mass and reducing fat mass. Lean protein sources include turkey and chicken breasts and tenderloins, turkey, sirloin, and fish. Plant-based protein sources include quinoa, beans, and lentils.

10. Snack Smart
Giving up snacks while dieting is a natural way to cut calories. However, snacks can certainly fit into a well-balanced diet! Importantly, though, snack of healthier-for-you products. Instead of notorious prepackaged snacks found in vending machines, try these healthy snack options!

11. Stay Fresh
A majority of the time, the freshest of products are the most nutritious. Stray away from the aisles often filled with prepackaged foods and stick to the front of the store where most of the fresh, vibrant fruits and veggies reside.

Drink Advices

12. Stay Hydrated
Individuals commonly mistake thirst for hunger. So instead of reaching for a quick snack when feeling a craving, grab a glass of water. General recommendations suggest adults drink 8 cups (64-ounces) of water per day.

13. Reduce Soft Drinks
Sodas and other soft drinks are loaded with calories and sugar. Simply reducing or completely dismissing their intake can save you hundreds of calories each day, ultimately initiating weight loss!

14. Stay Smart with Alcohol
If consumed in excess, alcohol can be detrimental to weight loss. Especially if mixers are loaded with sugar, alcoholic beverage can pack on the calories. Drinking too much can also increase the temptation of innutritious foods and leave the body dehydrated the following day. Men should keep alcohol intake to two servings each day while women are limited to one serving.

Incorporate Exercise and Physical Activity

15. Get Active
It does not matter how you do it, it's that you do it! Reject a sedentary lifestyle and seek out physical activity in day-to-day routines and responsibilities - walk the dog each morning, take the steps whenever possible, walk the longest route to the bathroom at work and park further away from entrances. These lighter activities are subtle ways to sneak in calorie burns!

16. Schedule Workouts
Instead of heading to the gym "when you feel like it," schedule workouts and classes. Doing so can keep you more accountable to actually attend instead of a quick back out. Additionally, signing up with a family member or friend can add an extra layer or motivation and accountability.

17. Strength Train
Lifting weights or practicing weight bearing activities can build or maintain precious muscle. Compared to fat mass, lean muscle mass burns more calories even when the body is at rest!

Construct a Healthy Physical Environment

18. Reduce Mindless Eating
Practice mindful eating by sitting at a designated meal table or area and rejecting distractions. Pay attention to the smells, tastes, and feelings associated with food, as doing so may slow down eating practices and reduce the risk of overeating. You will also strengthen appreciation and build a health relationship with food, a valuable component of a healthy lifestyle!

19. Meal and Snack Prep
One of the keys to an easy dieting plan is by practicing meal preparation. Also, do not shy away from leftovers! They are appreciated for nutritious lunches and prevent the enticement of ordering out. In addition to prepared meals, keep healthful snacks on hand. Sliced peppers and hummus, bananas and peanut butter, and trail mix are nutrient-dense, easily accessible snacks.

20. Travel Smart
Though traveling and vacationing should be a joyous experience, it is a tempting time to stray off the health track. However, a good way to lose weight while on a trip is by staying proactive. Pack nutritious snacks, book a hotel with a gym, and find trails to walk and be active. Additionally, survive the appealing hotel buffet with these tips!

21. Sleep
Lack of sleep has shown to negatively impact weight loss efforts in numerous ways. Such factors include hormone imbalances, lessened energy, and heightened cravings. Combat these consequences by getting an adequately nights' sleep. Recommendation suggest adults achieve at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night.

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