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9 Painless Ways to Lose Fat

Though achieving weight loss does require effort on your end, achieving it does not have to be a painful process. Try these nine simple and painless ways to lose weight – and only 2 of them discuss weight loss!


Though achieving weight loss does require effort on your end, achieving it does not have to be a painful process! No, you do not have to eat your least favorite vegetables and no, you do not have to go run countless miles each night. Embed these nine, painless ways to lose weight into your everyday life for boundless success!

9 Painless, Weight Losing Tips For Losing Fat

Not only are the tips painless, but adhering and implementing the following into your daily life will subsequently plant healthful, lifelong habits!

1. Don’t Count Calories

Counting calories can be a tedious and painful task. And though a caloric deficit is required to facilitate weight loss, the practice is not always a primary hallmark. Instead of quantifiably counting calories, pay most attention to the quality of foods. As a general rule, choose whole, colorful foods as they are typically lower in calorie but rich in nutrients. 

2. Simple Swaps

The thought of “healthy eating” may be a “bland” and difficult pill to swallow. However, eating nutritious foods does not have to negate the flavors of favorite foods. With these ingredients substitutions, “healthy eating” will not feel like healthy eating!

3. Water, Water and More Water

Did we mention water? Not only is staying hydrated essential to health, but can aid in weight loss. Skipping out on soft drinks and fruit juices and swapping with water can save you hundreds, effortlessly prompting a calorie deficit. Additionally, drinking the recommended eight to ten glasses of water each day will feel painless with these ways to flavor your water!

4. Go Out to Eat With Others

Go socializing and out to eat with your close friends and family! Doing so not only promotes mealtimes around a table, but allows you the opportunity to half large portions and even save money. Instead of overeating on a large serving of pasta, order and split with someone (or put in a to-go box for tomorrow’s lunch)! Ordering small plates and appetizers can also keep portions in check and reduce the risk of overeating.

5. Eat Snacks

Dieters often believe giving up snacks is not only painful, but necessary to lose weight. However, eating snacks is actually encouraged by most health and weight loss experts. Enjoying a healthful snack can ultimately keep hunger at bay and reduce the risk of overeating come mealtime, whether it be at work or even when managing those nightly hunger pangs.

6. Commercial Workouts

Though reducing screen time is continually encouraged, if you are to watch television, try implementing these workouts during commercial breaks. Not only do you get to catch up on your favorite shows, but you can get fit in the process!

7. Go the Extra Mile

Not necessarily all at once, but rather in multiple segments throughout the day. Exercise without noticing by parking further away from the store entrance, walking the dog each morning, and taking the stairs – doing so can painlessly add up extra steps and mileage into your week! Walking not only promotes weight loss, but has scientifically shown to provide these health benefits.

8. Sleep

There really are no such painful associations linked to a comfy bed and cozy covers! Sleep your way to weight loss by aiming to achieve the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Instead of gaining weight from lack of sleep, try to implement a sleep schedule and limit caffeine consumption leading up to afternoon and evening hours.

9. Let BistroMD Help

Are the concepts of grocery shopping and meal prepping painfully overwhelming? Let bistroMD assist by taking care of that for you! Not only does bistroMD provide meals straight to your doorstep, but delivers healthful meals full of nutrients and flavor. Losing weight and keeping it off will never seem so painless! Find more on bistroMD’s program here!

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on May 13, 2019.


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