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8 Ways to Make Time for Your Health

When it comes to health, individuals generally want results NOW. The continuation of good practices and habits takes not only recognition, but time. Busy schedules may make time appear limited, giving time to health now can result to longevity and health years down the road. Try these quick health tips to optimize your health!


When it comes to health, individuals generally want results NOW. But people often disregard that achieving health is an ever evolving process. The continuation of good practices and habits takes not only recognition, but time. Though busy schedules may make time appear limited, donating time to health now can result to longevity and health years down the road. Fortunately, these quick health tips will optimize health even when the calendar is full!

8 Ways to Make Time for Your Health

1. First Off, Prioritize
Making time for your health will not fall on the timetable if unwilling to recognize what health means to you. Additionally, biting off more than you can chew can be quite overwhelming - keep goals small, attainable, and realistic. It is important to identify categories and practices you want to adopt the most - whether it be increasing body strength, replacing soda intake with water, or trying new fruits and vegetables.

2. Create A Schedule
Though life might throw curve balls and alter plans, preparing some sort of daily or weekly structure can be vital in time optimization. Aim days of the week for meal prep (see tip three), mornings for exercise, or simply "you" meditation and stress-relieving time!

3. Meal Prep
Meal prepping is prepping for success. Not only does it save time throughout the week, but reduces the temptation to run through a drive thru after a busy day. If desiring or needing more guidance, this beginner's guide to meal prep ( will have you feeling more confident in no time!

4. Use Convenient Appliances
Healthy meals do not need hours and hours of preparation and cook times. As a quick health tip, utilize microwaves to quickly soften and cook products. For instance, if making sweet potatoes, zap them in the microwave to quicken the cooking process. Dusting off and using the crockpot can also be a timesaver - throw in chicken breasts, soup ingredients, and other crockpot meals (insert link) before going to work. Come home to ready prepared, healthy meals!

5. Wake Up Early
For all night owls, this may be the toughest feat. However, waking up earlier is a way to make time for your health. Avoid hitting snooze and try to at least wake up 30 minutes earlier each morning! Place the alarm across the room so you must get up to sound it off. Now that you are up, might as well get your day started! Additionally, being productive at the beginning of the day can pave the productivity lane for the rest of the day.

6. Disconnect
Unplugging from the social world is an easy way to be healthy. Turning off electronic devices can reduce getting sucked into media for minutes and hours at a time. Time not tending to media outlets allows more time for your health. So next time you start to reach for the television remote or laptop, lace up those walking shoes or prepare a healthful meal with friends or family!

7. Rest Up
Though it takes to obtain the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night, poor sleep quality can negatively impact energy the next day. Sleep deprivation has shown to contribute to weight gain by misbalancing hormones and increasing the temptation of poorer nutritional choices.

8. Utilize A Meal Delivery Service
NO meal planning, NO meal prep, and NO kitchen cleanup? Utilizing a meal delivery service that does all the work for you ultimately increases time to do more for yourself. bistroMD offers both men ( and women programs ( and features well-balanced meals right to your doorstep. Balance by bistroMD (, the newest extension, is also the first á la carte meal delivery service without restraining memberships and recurring fees!

Written By bistroMD Team. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on April 19, 2019.


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