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12 Ways to Control Your Cravings

A food craving is more of a desire than a physiological need. Cravings can be powerful temptations and are often fed into. Unfortunately, the foods wanted are usually not nutritious and contain large amounts of calories. Disrupt those pesky food persuasions with these 12 ways to control your cravings!


A food craving is more of a desire than a physiological need. Cravings can be powerful temptations and are more than likely fed into. Unfortunately, the foods sought out after are normally innutritious and supply hefty amounts of calories. And if giving into cravings each time, their desirability not only mostly increases, but weight may as well. Disrupt those pesky food persuasions with these 12 ways to control your cravings!

How to Stop Food Cravings

1. Drink Water
Individuals generally mistake hunger for thirst. So instead of reaching for food, drink a cup of water. If desiring a little more flavor than plain water, try these 13 ways to make your water better!

2. Eat Protein
Protein offers satiation for a low-calorie cost, especially when consuming lean or plant-based proteins. Consuming protein sources can help keep hunger levels at bay and reduce the desire to reach for innutritious snacks between meals.

3. Consume Fiber
Like protein, fiber also initiates feelings of fullness. And since fiber-rich foods are relatively low in calories, guilt following it's unlike is less likely to occur. Get more fiber into your diet with five easy ways and tips!

4. Chew Gum
Cravings largely occur in between meals and may lead to impulsive snack choices. When a refreshing piece of gum is in your mouth, you are more than likely less apt to spit it out and swap with calorically-dense foods. Chewing gum may also be influential in the weight loss equation.

5. Reconstruct the Environment
"Out of sight, out of mind!" Sometimes people eat just because food is available. Reduce pesky cravings by keeping tempting snacks out of the environment. Instead of chips and cookies, keep nutritious veggie slices or fruits right on hand.

6. Stick to Mealtimes
Maintaining some sort of mealtime structure can control food cravings. Skipping breakfast or going long hours between meals can lead to plummeted energy and dropped blood sugars. To defeat the unpleasant feelings, individuals grab any sort of food which may lead to an uncontrolled binge.

7. Avoid Triggers
We all generally have those foods that we simply cannot get enough of! Keep those "trigger foods" out of the house to prevent overindulging on such products. For instance, if a carton of ice cream is likely to be consumed in one setting, avoid having it in your freezer. Instead, enjoy ice cream on special occasions. But if truly desiring ice cream at home, purchase miniature cartons to keep servings and portions in check.

8. Slow Down
Eating meals quickly has become far too common with demanding schedules and busy lives. However, it is important to slow down when eating to allow your stomach and mind to connect and signal the "I'm full" response. Additionally, wait at least 10 minutes after eating to decide whether or not you are still hungry enough for extra food or a second helping.

9. Brush Your Teeth
Sometimes brushing your teeth following a meal can act like a "STOP!" food sign. Prevent snack cravings by brushing your teeth following meals. If at work, try keeping disposable toothbrushes or mouthwash accessible. Not only will your waistline thank you, but oral hygiene and health will also!

10. Go for A Walk
And not to the kitchen! Boredom or mindless eating can ignite a craving, ultimately scavenging in the fridge or cabinet in hopes to find a snack. Instead of winding up with a spoon and ice cream quart, redirect to the front door and take a walk. Even a five to 10-minute walk can distract you from an unnecessary binge!

11. Stop Stress
If at all possible, stop stress before it even starts. Dealing with stress can ignite feelings of frustration and depression, both cultivators of stress eating. Skip out on stressful eating sprees and try meditating, taking a walk, or relaxing in a warm bath.

12. Feed into Cravings
But lastly, allow indulgences. This concept may appear to go against everything just stated, but depriving the body of foods it truly desires increases the odds of its binge later down the road. If desiring chocolate cake, simply enjoy a small piece. The take away message is to enjoy such delicacies... in moderation!

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