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Break Through Your Summer Weight Loss Barriers!

Summer is a great time to enjoy yourself and have fun, but it's also a great opportunity to work on your physical health and mental well being.


We all have those weight loss barriers in the back of our minds: My scale will never budge, I will never be able to run a mile, and eating healthy is code for torturing myself with bad-tasting food. A diet is easier said than done, but it is all about the attitude and a little word that begins with the letter “o.”

“O” stands for optimism, and it’s the best tool you can have in your crusade against being overweight and out of shape. With so many people walking around in swim trunks and bikinis this summer, you can achieve your own personal goals by being brighter about your own summer weight loss barriers.

The goal is to discipline yourself to rethink. Barriers give us a source of comfort when we give into them because it’s what we are used to. It’s an easy way out and it makes for an even easier excuse when we don’t want to push ourselves to achieve our goals. Below are some examples of how you can turn your negative “think” into a positive “rethink.”

Negative Think: My scale is plotting my demise and working against me

Positive Re-think: My scale is my personal minion; it does what I tell it to.

By giving yourself this sense of control over your scale, you are bound to conquer those summer weight loss barriers. Many of us lack the motivation for weight loss because we don’t have a proper sense of control. When you give yourself the power of control, you may start to feel that your goal may not be as ridiculous to your ears as it sounds. You have to give yourself a little more credit when it comes to having control and power over your weight loss. Instead of hating your scale, learn to love it! Weigh yourself more frequently, and you will keep those pounds off. Keeping a controlled mentality will allow your scale to become your best weight loss companion. It may sound impossible, but losing weight is all about being in control.

Negative Think: Me? Run a mile? Yeah, right…

Positive Re-think: I can run a mile…but at my own pace!

When working toward tackling your summer weight loss barriers, make sure that you don’t launch yourself right into an intense exercise plan. When it comes to exercise, many people think that they have to see immediate results from their workout. Go at your own pace when it comes to exercising. If you push yourself too hard and too fast, your body won’t be able to keep up with your pace and this will cause you major distress.

When you exercise, your body needs time to adjust to a new set-point. If you push yourself to the limit right away, you will hinder your chances of losing weight rather than helping your chances. Just like you, your body needs time to adjust to changes.

Instead of taking the mentality of a fast-paced personal trainer, ask yourself some key motivational questions, like: “What would give me the will power to stay off the couch?” One way to motivate yourself is to actually put your workout clothes on. This will give you the visual image you need in order to motivate yourself to exercise. Small steps like this can cause you to be more motivated about your exercise and you will gradually accelerate your workout pace.

Written By bistroMD Team. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on June 14, 2019.


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