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9 Ways to Stay Healthy

Diet modification, workout activation, and stress reduction... Such effort and motivation to actually start your path to health have been set into place. With your imagined ducks aligned in a row, make those adaptations and implementations a reality with these nine ways to stay healthy!


1. Create A Schedule

The concept of creating and sticking to a schedule may be tough for some in a busy society, but creating some sort of structural plan can keep tasks running efficiently. From scheduling dinners, to school functions, making note of tasks and events may further reduce stress when organization is available. It is important, though, to allow leeway time, as schedule is promoted for productivity, not to feel the pressure of feeling bogged down.

2. Schedule Doctors Visits

In addition to creating a schedule mentioned above, stay on top of your health by scheduling an annual physical exam or bi-annually dental visits. Even in the absence of a health concerns, scheduled appointments and checkups can act as a preventative measure for conditions further down the road.

3. Construct A Healthful Environment

The environment can largely affect your habits, either good or bad. Create healthy settings in all areas that may be manipulated, including your work area, kitchen, and even in the car. Try to reduce or eliminate unhealthful and tempting foods that may trigger a binge. For instance, offer a fresh fruit bowl rather than a candy dish loaded with sugar in your living room or work desk.

4. Be Proactive

Though living in the moment is admirable and widely encouraged, being proactive can keep health goals in track. Be proactive by meal prepping and while traveling and eating out. Though traveling should be enjoyed, it should not be used as an excuse to binge and overindulge. Survive the hotel buffet and be mindful of traveling snacks. Additionally, scope out the options and menu prior to eating out (even when not on vacation). Having some sort of game plan can assist in healthful, active choices when ordering.

5. Keep Commitments

Pledge to stay healthy! If making such commitments to yourself is not enough to keep you accountable, form a support system. Whether it be with family or close friends, keeping vows and promises with others keeps you more liable for your actions. Additionally, sign up for workout classes or races to encourage your motivation and commitment to them.

6. Don't Slack

Don't slack and stay on track! This may be the most valuable piece of advice, especially if schedules become demanding. But remember, there was a reason triggering the initial drive to embark on the health journey. Though some days may seem more strenuous than others, you will always thank yourself for preparing a nourishing meal or tackling that dreaded workout!

7. Stay Consistent

If you don't slack on health goals, consistency can naturally follow. Regularly sticking to and abiding by health goals is key to building lifelong habits. For instance, try sticking to regular mealtimes, meal preparation days, and exercise routines if possible. When such healthful habits are embedded, living a healthy lifestyle come natural!

8. Keep Hobbies

Hobbies are any regular activities that are done for pleasure, relaxation, and during one's own time. Although life may seem busy, it is extremely valuable to keep hobbies you enjoy doing some much. Commit allotted time to partake in your favorite hobby, whether it be dancing, playing an instrument, sewing, painting, or reading. Despite the activity, keeping hobbies within your schedule can promote balance with further support of mental health and well-being.

9. Be A Role Model

Becoming a health role model is extremely honorable and needed, especially with the rates of overweight and obesity numbers continuing to rise. Though you may initially see this as a high-pressure role, implementing the eight ways to stay healthy listed above can make leading by example a simpler task. Whether it be for your kids, family members, friends, or coworkers, you will be inspiring to others and (hopefully) encourage their motivation for living a healthier lifestyle!

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on May 19, 2017. Updated on April 12, 2019.


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