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5 Keys to Long-Term Weight Loss

Forget the fad diets and promises of rapid weight loss that often leads to short-term, or if any, results. From making a commitment to embracing an active lifestyle, we are dishing out how to lose weight and keep it off here.


Knowing how to lose weight and keep it off requires much more than a temporary pledge, but rather entails making a lifetime commitment put towards good health.

So forget fad diets and promises of rapid weight loss that often leads to short-term, or if any, results. And instead of focusing on numbers and pounds, re-shift your energy toward living and feeling healthier and better.

Not sure how or where to start? Here are 5 strategies to help you get there!

5 Keys to Long-Term Weight Loss

From making a commitment to embracing an active lifestyle, learn the keys to successful weight loss for long-term results.

5. First, Make a Commitment

What most people underestimate when it comes to losing weight is that it takes mental and physical energy to permanently change current habits.

So before starting any weight loss program, it is important to gauge if you are ready to do so and recognize sustainable weight loss takes time, effort, and focus. This sort of recognition helps alleviate frustrations and overcome barriers ahead.

What's more, make a commitment to not only lose the weight, but to living a healthy lifestyle. Doing so can not only naturally shed off those unwanted pounds, but cultivate lifelong, healthy habits that can benefit interpersonal relationships, job satisfaction, and overall wellbeing.

4. Be Realistic

Making goals is one of the most effective weight loss strategies to keep you stay on target and motivated. And while being ambitious is admirable, being overzealous can actually be discouraging and detrimental to overall progress.

That being said, set goals using the acronym SMART, which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Setting such tangible and realistic goals with firm deadlines enhance determination and motivation to progress forward.

Take this scenario, for example: You want to start working out, but know your current schedule is not conducive to making it to the gym seven days each week.

So instead of making a goal to workout at the gym every day, sit down and see where you can make time to be physically active.

A more suitable SMART goal may entail, "I will exercise 5 days each week, including three structured times at the gym and two non-structured times such as by jogging with the dog or biking with the family."

Also, do not set yourself up for disappointment when it comes to numbers and pounds on the scale, including stating to lose 50 pounds in one month right off the bat. Not only is such a drastic weight loss unlikely to happen, and even unsafe without professional direction and supervision, but can create a lag in motivation.

Setting goals week-by-week is also more realistic and attainable. As a general rule of thumb, and while this could vary depending on other factors i.e. height and activity level, aim for a 1 to 2 pound weight loss per week.

Categorizing goals separately can also be extremely helpful in organizing thoughts and help you maintain your motivation without feeling distressed and discouraged. For instance, create both ongoing and outcome goals: Ongoing goals are things like exercising regularly, while outcome goals are, "I will lose 30 pounds."

3. Put Things in Perspective

Though weight loss does require making healthier habits on your end, sustainable results come from putting things in perspective and changing negative lines of thinking.

Because all too often, the thought of losing weight comes with a circulating flood of unfavorable beliefs. For example, one might believe losing weight involves eating bland food, while another might anticipate kissing any sort of social life goodbye.

Yes, recognizing such challenges ahead is important, but so is being able to adapt to them. Paint a different picture to such thoughts by setting positive tone, including, "This balanced lunch plate full for nutritious food will provide the body with energy to keep fueled and energized for a busy afternoon."

And if worried about social gatherings, allow yourself to enjoy those special treats from time-to-time while implementing the practices of mindfulness and moderation.

2. Enjoy What You Eat

Though diet is critical for weight loss results, enjoying the food at hand is likewise just as important. Because truly, feeling forced to eat foods you do not enjoy can lead to noncompliance.

At least 80 percent of a balanced diet should be placed on consuming wholesome foods that provide the body with the nutrients it requires for optimal functioning, including whole grains, fruit and veggies, lean and plant-based proteins, and healthy fat sources.

Also allow yourself to indulge on favorite treats, as food is meant to be enjoyed in a mindful manner. Consistently depriving yourself from life’s pleasures can actually create more harm than good, as food avoidance can paint a damaging picture.

Trusting in a weight loss meal delivery service can also help you eat healthier whilst trying and enjoying a wide variety of flavorful foods.

1. Try to Get Active—and Stay Active

Though diet is about 90 percent responsible for weight loss results, being physically active is helpful for weight maintenance and make you feel better overall.

Exercise not only helps sustain weight loss, but gifts a numerous amount of other health benefits, including giving your mood a much-needed boost. Most people who achieve long-term weight loss also have regular bouts of physical activity.

Truly, the most important factor of exercise is not necessarily how you choose to get active, but just as long as you do and enjoy the chosen activity.

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on March 01, 2019.


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