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20 Simple Ways to Get Healthy Fast

When it comes to achieving health, we all tend to want it fast. Although a quick snap of the fingers cannot grant a bountiful life of longevity and wealth, there are worthy, ingenuous shortcuts to accelerate your efforts and desires. Utilize these 20 simple ways and tips to get healthy fast!


1. Start Slow

Though making immediate, quick changes to reach health fast is manageable, it is also important to remember to start slow. Health is not a sprint, but rather a life-long marathon of continuous choices. Making gradual, consistent changes can ultimately translate to embedded healthful changes in the long run.

2. Eat Breakfast

Get your day started with a nutritious breakfast, ultimately paving the way to good nutrition choices throughout the day. Take a bite out of these protein-rich breakfast ideas or if not a breakfast eater whatsoever, go back to number one - start slow and small! Even a glass of milk filled with healthy carbs, protein, and calcium is considerably more substantial compared to running out the door on an empty stomach.

3. Pack Smart Snacks

Though snacking appears to be off-limits when trying to lose weight or get healthy, packing smart snacks can be beneficial. Protein-rich snacks increase satiety and keep you feeling full until the next meal, ultimately reducing the opportunity to overeat when lunch or dinner does arrive. Do not let those pesky hunger pangs disrupt your productivity with these healthy snacks to take to work!

4. Reduce Soft Drinks

Reducing or cutting out soft drinks reduces and cuts calories substantially. If you consume two sodas per day, try lessening intake to one until its consumption is diminished. Fight and overcome the soda addiction with these simple steps.

5. Increase Water

In place of soft drinks, enjoy water! Not only will you be saving on money, but on calories. If desiring flavor associated with sugary drinks, quench that craving with 13 ways to make your water taste better.

6. Increase Fiber

Individuals who consume adequate fiber are shown to maintain weight, or even lose it, greater than individuals with a low-fiber diet. Grow fiber consumption with whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, and beans and legumes. When increasing fiber intake, it is important to do so slowly and with adequate water intake.

7. Try New Foods

When it comes to "health" foods, people generally associate it to "boring" or "unappetizing." Instead of completely shying away from new foods, embrace them! Try at least one new food each week, whether it be a new vegetable or a different preparation method. Make it a complete learning experience and share with family or friends.

8. Sneak Veggies

Okay, so maybe vegetables truly are not your "thing," even after giving them a try indicated in number seven. Luckily, there are techniques to have your veggies and semi-eat them, too. Sneak veggies into pasta sauces, sauces, or into smoothies!

9. Experiment with Spices

Spice it up in the kitchen! Fresh from the garden or dried and concealed in a container on the store shelf, spices and seasonings come in a wide variety of flavors. Experiment with new spices in cooking methods, in place of salt, to markedly (and simply) reduce sodium intake.

10. Treat Yourself

Set all the fiber, water, veggie, and spice talk aside from time-to-time. It is certainly okay to treat yourself with those "unhealthful" items that bring great joy to your life. The take away bit: Enjoy life's pleasures and indulgences in moderation and in recommended serving sizes.

11. Set the Clock

Though waking up an extra 10 minutes early may seem like an impossible feat, your health may thank you! Use the additional morning time to partake in a 10-minute workouts or prepare a nutritious breakfast.

12. Use the Stairs

Instead of relying on an elevator or escalator, take the stairs when possible! Doing so can modestly strengthen the legs and get your body moving that much more. Additionally, park further away from the entrance door or take the long route to the bathroom when at work.

13. Activity Tracker

A wearable activity tracker can increase your motivation throughout the day's entirety. Set goals right at your fingertips and watch them turn into a reality right before your eyes. If aiming to achieve 10,000 steps per day, seeing 8,000 steps can keep you encouraged. Additionally, some activity trackers offer friend challenges, offering friendly competition to keep you motivated each day.

14. Sign Up for Classes

Exercising alone may not be the quickest way to get healthy, as it may seem overwhelming or even boring. Get an exercise jumpstart by signing up for a various classes, experimenting with workouts to see what you enjoy best, or gaining a workout buddy. Physically signing up further or going with a friend keeps you accountable - it is much easier to miss or disregard a workout if planning on going alone!

15. Press the "OFF" Button

Whether it be on a television remote or an electronic device, disconnect from TV shows, games, or social media sites. In general, the general U.S. population gets way too much screen time each day. Click the "OFF" button and be productive with that time not sucked into a screen!

16. Meditate

Meditating or any stress-relieving activities or exercises are valuable to health. Getting rid or reducing stress can truly benefit the body, as stress may even cause weight gain. You may be too stressed if experiencing these six signs.

17. Sleep

With the push for staying active, the recommendation of sleep may seem paradoxical. However, achieving sufficient sleep, generally seven to nine hours each night, is essential to good health. In fact, inadequate sleep can lead to weight gain much like stress.

18. Keep Medical Information Handy

Place important medication information in your wallet or bag. Though you may be working hard to achieve health, you never know what sort of accidents may happen. Having such helpful information on hand can allow responders to more effectively assist when you may least expect it.

19. Spring Clean

Or during any season! No matter the time of year, get healthy fast by efficiently cleaning your environment. Doing so not only reduces potentially harmful bacteria, but accelerates motivation to keep you and your surroundings healthy!

20. Surround Yourself with Good People

It is essential to surround yourself with good, encouraging friends, family members, or even coworkers. Consistently being around negativity can be quite taxing on your mental health, despite a positive attitude you continue to display. Weeding out negative individuals can feel quite rejuvenating and only accelerate your health goals that much faster!

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on May 21, 2017. Updated on June 03, 2019.


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