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10 of the Best Tasting Taco Toppings

When you think of taco toppings you probably think lettuce, tomato, and a dollop of sour cream. While we can't discredit the deliciousness of classic taco toppings, we've come up with other toppings that will transform your tacos. Try our favorites with this list of the top 10 best taco toppings!

10 of the Best Tasting Taco Toppings

Shredded lettuce, chopped tomato, and dolloped sour cream... While standard taco toppings are often homeruns, other toppings are ready to step up to the meal plate and transform your next Taco Tuesday! Better yet, enjoy National Taco Day with these best tasting taco toppings!

10 of the Best Tasting Taco Toppings

1. Plain Greek Yogurt
Sour cream offers a creamy, tangy flavor to tacos. However, swapping out sour cream with plain Greek yogurt offers the same desired taste while reducing fat and amplifying protein! Add fresh herbs, favorite seasonings, or lime juice to further accelerate flavor.

2. Guacamole
Yes, avocado alone makes a great taco topping... But guacamole makes a better or best taco topping! Guacamole can be as traditional or versatile as desired, making the flavor of tacos quite flexible. If feeling adventurous, add toppings such as parmesan, fresh mango and pineapple! For untraditional recipes, check out these ways to make guacamole even more delicious.

3. Salsa
Like guacamole, salsa can be extremely adaptable. Whether created with green or red tomatoes, spiced up with jalapenos, or sweetened with mango, have fun with flavors! Notably, if purchasing a store-bought salsa, be suspicious of added sugars and high amounts of salt.

4. Cabbage
Swap out shredded lettuce with vibrant cabbage! Adding cabbage to tacos offers a desirable crunchy texture to each bite. To enhance cabbage flavor, try this healthified coleslaw with fish tacos!

5. Roasted Corn
Give standard corn added depth by roasting it! Corn can be thrown onto the grill or simply roasted in the oven. For added flavor, lightly drizzle the corn with olive oil and season with fresh or dried herbs and salt and pepper to taste.

6. Fruit
Though fruit might not pair well with a traditional ground beef taco, it can offer a pleasant freshness to other taco types! For instance, pair pineapple with pork and mango with shrimp. Feel free to experiment with both raw and roasted fruits for modified and preferred textures!

7. Eggs
"Crack" the standard taco barriers with an egg! Traditionally created as huevos ranchos, eggs on tacos is a popular Mexican dish. While an egg might not compliment a fish taco, chorizo and steak easily marry with this taco topping. Cook egg to desired yolk runniness or doneness.

8. Quinoa
Especially over the past years, quinoa has become a highly sought out superfood. And with its nutritional profile and versatility, it is not too shocking on why it is a best taco topping. Replace standard rice with protein-packed quinoa!

9. Caramelized Onions
Some individuals may desire the taste of onion but are unable to handle the potent, raw flavor of them. Caramelize onions for a more tolerable taco topping! When caramelizing, limit butter and sugar intake while being mindful of the amount of oil and salt added.

10. Fresh Cilantro
Also known as coriander and Chinese parsley, cilantro is a basic taco topping with a complex taste. Though genetics may alter taste between individuals, most agree cilantro acts as a refreshing garnish. And while being low in calories, feel compelled to add as little or as much as desired!

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