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Glycemic Index

Learn about the glycemic index and how it can play a role in healthy weight loss. The articles in this section will teach you the difference between the glycemic index and glycemic load.

Glycemic Diet Plan: Believe the Hype, or Look for Something Else?

Glycemic Diet Plan: Believe the Hype, or Look for Something Else?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, and have recently watched TV, you have seen a variety of advertisements for a whole slew of diet plans.

One of the major things that is trendy in the world of diet plans is the concept of the glycemic index. Many companies use the glycemic index as a major selling point for their diet plan, but the biggest question is: what is the glycemic index, and how does it help me lose weight?

Good for Weight Loss, but Bad for Your Health?

A glycemic diet plan is usually based on a meal plan that is built around you eating higher GI foods, which, means more processed and refined foods—like bagels and pasta.

The science behind a glycemic diet plan emphasizes the importance of carbohydrate foods, which provide more energy for your body.

Whenever you eat a carbohydrate food, it fuels your blood glucose levels, which gives your metabolism the energy it needs to burn fat more effectively.

The glycemic diet plan is definitely “hyped up” in the media, but research has shown that it does provide you with certain health benefits, if it is a GI plan that contains lower GI foods—like barley and beans—which are less refined and higher in fiber.

A big benefit of the lower glycemic diet plan has shown better glucose control for people with type 2 diabetes. This diet plan has also been shown to lower people’s risk of getting the disease.

Diet plans with lower GI foods have also been shown to lower cholesterol, and to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Do the Benefits Outweigh the Drawbacks?

These are all great health benefits from a low glycemic diet plan, but are there any drawbacks to the media hype?

One of the biggest concerns among nutritionists is that the diet doesn’t focus on other essential nutrients, like proteins and fat, when it comes to healthy weight loss.

It can also be tricky to monitor the balance of your meals in your diet plan when it comes to the glycemic index. Some foods have a different GI when eaten alone, compared to when they are combined with other foods.

Another potential hurdle to a glycemic diet plan is that each individual has different glucose responses, and what works for one person, may not work for someone else.

This is where seeing a nutritionist may come in handy, because they can customize a specific diet plan that will work for you, based on your individual glucose responses.

The Significance of the Glycemic Load

What’s great about including the glycemic load in your diet, is the fact that the glycemic load takes into account what amount of carbohydrate is needed in a typical serving of food for glucose production, rather than what type.

Other than solely focusing on the glycemic index like so many other diet plans on the market, BistroMD places more emphasis on the importance of the glycemic load when it comes to healthy weight loss.

Basically, the glycemic load takes both the amount and the type of carbohydrate into account, and calculates how they impact blood glucose.

By including the glycemic load into your diet plan, you can eat more varieties of food, without hindering your weight loss progress.

When it comes to the hype of glycemic diet plans, it’s okay to go with the hype. Just make sure you do your research, and that you don’t neglect the importance of the glycemic load.

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