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Fitness and Health

Fitness and health go hand in hand, and this section of our health library is devoted to exploring the relationship between these two very important aspects of life.

The Correlation Between Healthy Eating Habits and Exercise

The relationship between eating and exercise generally equates to a positive correlation – meaning if one increases, the other will follow. Learn how to embrace healthy eating and exercise habits.

The Correlation Between Healthy Eating Habits and Exercise

The relationship between eating and exercise generally equates to a positive correlation – meaning if one increases, the other will follow. Although correlation does not necessarily equate to causation, improving in one generally causes the other to improve, too. Eating and exercise go hand-in-hand in the success of healthy living. The link between the two is strong but breaking through it does not have to be. Learn how to embrace healthy eating and exercise habits.

Baby Steps to Connect the Link

We must learn how to crawl before we can learn how to run. When embracing a healthy lifestyle, it is important to not start off with a sprint or bite off more than you can chew. Although making and trying to tackle huge goals is admirable, it can be extremely overwhelming and set the stage for failure. Instead of wanting to meet large goals quickly, bite off small tasks that can contribute to reaching milestones. If weight loss was easy, everybody would be doing it and obesity would not be on the rise. However, the epidemic can be broken with simple decisions and effective tips.

Healthy Eating Habits
Meals and eating habits vary between individuals. Some may love waking up to breakfast while others would much rather have one large meal at dinnertime. Despite these variations, there is one consistent trait between them – the continuum of healthy eating habits. Each and every single one us continues to have areas of growth and improvement. Since health and nutrition is on ever-evolving journey, stay willing to flourish and embrace these healthy life hacks:

• Go whole. One of the best ways to know if you are providing the body with the best fuel is with wholesome foods and ingredients. Limit foods high in sugar and salt and increase nutrients by shopping for whole grains, fresh produce, lean proteins, and healthful nuts and seeds. Make simple goals by choosing one new fruit or vegetable to try each day or swapping out a breakfast donut for a glass of milk.

• Food prep. After shopping for those wholesome ingredients, unite them with food preparation. Having meals already put together can ultimately reduce the chance of running through a drive-thru after a long day at work. Having nutritious snacks on hand can also keep hunger at bay and avoid potential binges between meals.

• Eat that chocolate. Well, not too much. But depriving yourself of sweets and other treats can ultimately lead to a binge later on. Instead of completely avoiding it, let yourself have a small piece and truly enjoy it. Since all foods should be appreciated, fitting in personal delicacies can certainly fit into a balanced diet – in moderation, that is.

Ease into Exercise
Like food, exercise regimens come in a wide variety of forms. For those who are looking to get more active, it is okay (and even best) to ease into exercise. Start slow because overdoing and being too overzealous can result into injury. If just starting out, go for walks, light jogs, or swim for about 20 minutes or so. Advance in time and intensity as your body starts to feel more comfortable. Aerobic exercise and strength training is the ultimate duo to improve heart health and result in lean muscle mass. Did you know the more muscle the body has, the more calories can be burned at rest? Accelerated calorie burning can ultimately accelerate weight loss, even when sitting down or sleeping. Like with cardio routines, start slow with weights and advance as your body adapts and feels stronger.

Connecting the Eating and Exercise Link

Healthy eating and exercise habits can be sustained through baby steps and simple decisions. The process can be slow but try to not get discouraged. Remember to stay adaptive and willing to grow into a healthy lifestyle. Embracing small changes with eating and exercise can shed off weight and most importantly, keep it off.

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