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Fitness and Health

Fitness and health go hand in hand, and this section of our health library is devoted to exploring the relationship between these two very important aspects of life.

Family Fitness: 6 Ways to Get Everyone Involved

Obesity has become a nationwide health consequence related mostly to innutritious and sedentary lifestyle for both adults and children. See how you can encourage family exercise and health with these six fun family fitness ideas!

Family Fitness: 6 Ways to Get Everyone Involved

Obesity has become a nationwide health consequence related mostly to innutritious and sedentary lifestyles. And with both child and adult obesity growing in numbers, getting everyone involved in the family is tremendously encouraged now more than ever. Not sure how to get started? These family fitness ideas and tips will have you motivated in no time!

6 Family Fitness Ideas and Tips to Get Everyone Involved

1. Make the Time

First and foremost, make the time for family fitness! If getting active is not on your agenda, implementing activities is less likely to occur. Though busy schedules may be a high barrier for family exercise, it is okay to start with small segments of time. Simply wake up 20 minutes earlier in the morning to energize and dance to your favorite songs! Despite the activity or time chosen, just make sure to get everyone involved and enjoy the family exercise together!

2. Plan Family Outings

Aligning with making the time for fitness, planning family outings can help carry out actual ideas. Either weekly, monthly or annually, plan some sort of day or event for a family outing. Let each family member take turns planning a fun activity every other Saturday or whatever works best in your schedule! Choose from hiking and biking trails, scenic parks or even yard games in the backyard!

3. Make Chores Not Feel Like Chores

Chores have a poor stigma lined to them, and when they are assigned and forced on children, they can certainly be dreadful. But chores are also extremely valuable in prompting children to best understand the reality adults face on a day-to-day basis. Chores, though, do not have to be dreaded by any generation! Bring positivity into chores and encourage their completion by making them a family affair and full of fitness with singing and dancing.

4. Ditch Electronic Devices

Electronics are a huge contributor in living a sedentary lifestyle. With the average American spending over half of their day glued to electronics, that leaves little time for physical activity. So instead of staying connected to social media accounts, games and television shows, unplug and go on evening walks or play family games.

5. Get to Stepping

Walk whenever possible! Walk to any and everywhere physically possible - to school, work, the grocery store or within the neighborhood. Walking has tremendous benefits and can be a great way to bond as a family. Let each member take turns walking the family dog or leading the way!

6. Play "Old School" Games

Bring nostalgia to everyone! Playing those "old school" games can provoke childhood memories while promoting physical activities for kids. Compete in a kickball tournament, play capture the flag or participate in rounds of hide n' seek.

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on May 13, 2019.


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