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5 Fun and Active Date Ideas

When you’re intent on improving health and wellness traditionally sedentary, indoor date ideas like fast food and a movie can seem counterintuitive. Go off the beaten path and set a date with destiny with these five fun and active date ideas.


As you journey down the road to weight loss, it helps to have a traveling partner with whom you can take in the sights and share your successes. But when you're a dynamic duo that is as committed to improving health and wellness as you are to each other, traditionally sedentary, indoor date ideas like fast food and a movie can seem more conducive to expanding your waistlines than to expanding your horizons. Go off the beaten path and set a date with destiny with these five fun and active date ideas.

A Tour de Force

Rekindle your passion for the city in which you live by serving as your date's tour guide for a day. Not only will this active date idea offer you and your date an energizing stroll throughout town, but it will allow you to gain new appreciation for the unseen monuments, hole-in-the-wall establishments, and hidden gems in your own backyard. Prior to the date, prepare a list of contiguous landmarks and destinations within walking distance, taking into account their visiting hours.

Geocache of the Day

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game in which hidden objects are found by means of a GPS. Geocaching is an ideal, active date idea as it affords a walkable, exploratory excursion to beautiful locales in your town or around the world, with endless opportunities for teamwork and conversation. All you need to go geocaching is a GPS-enabled mobile device that will allow you to navigate to each "cache" or treasure. Simply download the official geocaching app to begin your date and find nearby geocaches.

Fishing for Compliments

Your date will fall hook, line, and sinker for a moonlit fishing expedition followed by stargazing around a campfire. After the sun has set, gather fishing gear, folding chairs, firewood, and a match or flint. Drive your date to a nearby lake or pond stocked with your favorite fish. Bait your fishing lines, toss them into the water, and be rewarded with a double prize catch: a fish and a very impressed date. Use the firewood to kindle a fire before settling down into your chairs for a star-studded date night.

In Full Bloom

Planting a garden is no garden variety date, but it's an active date idea for any duo with a pair of green thumbs and a penchant for the outdoors. In a fertilized plot either in your backyard or a local, urban garden, you and your date can plant a new garden section with your favorite flower or crop. Gardening offers you an opportunity to live according to the same wholesome and sustainable principles by which you eat. It also allows you and your date to plant the seeds of the future and grow together.

Up the River

When there's nothing on the tube, head outdoors for a scenic date of tubing on the river. Tubing involves floating down a slow-moving river on an inner tube. Numerous rental companies offer high-quality inner tubes with dual air chambers and a sturdy framework that can stand up to tree branches. Many of these companies will even drop you off and pick you up at designated points along the river. This option ensures the safest entry and exit points. Ensure that you take life jackets with you on your journey.

When you have returned from your date with your spirits high and your energy levels too low to cook, you can rely on bistroMD for chef-prepared meals that you and your date can enjoy in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on November 30, 2015. Updated on January 14, 2016.


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