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F.A.Q.nutrition information

Where do I find the nutritional information for your entrees?

Every doctor-designed, chef-prepared recipe is created so that you receive the proper macronutrients. Each of the entrees contains a scientific balance of complex carbohydrates, like vegetables, whole grains and fiber along with lean protein and healthy fat ratios.

If you are already on program, you can sign in to and select 'MY MENU' from the navigation. From there, you can click on any meal to see its Nutrional Information label and Ingredients list.

How many calories am I getting?

Our women's standard plan (3 meals and 2 snacks per day) is on average 1,200 calories, and the bistroMD men's standard plan (3 meals and 3 snacks per day) is on average 1,400 calories. Approximately 40-45% of these calories are from lean protein, 30-35% from complex carbohydrates and 20-25% from healthy fat. bistroMD is USDA approved so every meal is labeled with the complete nutritional value and ingredients.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

On average, members following the program lose 1-2 pounds a week. Every body is different so you may lose more or less than this by following the program. Your weight loss will be impacted by a couple factors including how much you need to lose to begin with and if you're eating enough calories for your body to lose weight instead of going into starvation mode. As you near your ultimate goal, your weight loss will naturally taper off. Dr. Cederquist refers to this as the Stabilization phase.

Is bistroMD a low glycemic plan?

Our program was created using the concept of the glycemic load, rather than the glycemic index. The importance of the glycemic load has to do with the way your metabolism effectively burns fat from the foods it digests. Where the glycemic index is your body's response to only certain foods, the glycemic load has to do with the way your body responds to combinations of different foods. This is why the balance of proper foods with the right nutrients is vitally important. If you are only eating certain foods day after day, your metabolism will adjust to this eating pattern and won't know how to respond when you take in different foods. Our program helps your metabolism effectively cope with your the changes in your diet, and retrain itself to burn fat more effectively.

Is bistroMD low carb?

The program combines a controlled carbohydrate intake with high-quality lean protein low in saturated fat. Each entree is nutritionally balanced and are 30-35% complex carbohydrates.

Are any vitamins or supplements required?

Your bistroMD program doesn't require any additional vitamins or supplements for weight loss. We believe food is medicine and eating the right combination of nutrients can do wonders for you.

How much sodium is in bistroMD meals?

Each of our programs meets or falls below the US Dietary Guidelines for sodium for the average US adult, averaging 2000-2300mg per day. If your doctor has recommended that you follow a lower sodium diet, we are happy to accommodate a low sodium program that averages about 1500mg per day. We will eliminate certain entrees, especially with ethnic flavors like soy sauce, from your program. While the variety of our low sodium program is still diverse, please know that it will not include the full range on entrees offered by bistroMD.

Do you offer gluten-free entrees?

Yes! We are pleased to announce our new gluten free program. You can order a 5 or a 7 day program and once you complete your order and are directed to my bistroMD to customize, you will be able to select a gluten free program within the ingredients area. You may also order over the phone by calling (866) 401-3438.

Do you have a dairy free or lactose intolerant meal program?

Currently, we don't offer a dairy free program. However, most people with known lactose intolerance are able to handle the small amount of milk that may be present in our entrees and sauces. In these cases, we simply remove the entrees with cheese from their program.

Do you offer vegetarian entrees?

Yes, we offer a complete Vegetarian Program which you can learn more about here. Vegetarian diets can take many forms and follow many definitions. At bistroMD, our vegetarian plans feature plentiful plant-based meals as well as seafood options and some meals contain dairy. While not a vegan option, our doctor-designed programs are created with the widest set of vegetarians in mind.

Do you offer vegan entrees?

At this time, we don't offer a menu that is strictly vegan, but our chefs are working on new entrees to add additional variety to our program.

Do you offer soy-free entrees?

Some of our entrees contain soy ingredients, as do many of our snacks. If you have a food allergy to soy, please let us know so we can customize a menu for you.

Do you offer Kosher Certified entrees?

We do not have a Kosher menu.

Is the food fresh?

The bistroMD program is fresh frozen food. It simply needs to be reheated and enjoyed. It is delivered once a week, packed in dry ice.

Can I drink alcohol?

Yes, but you must do so in moderation. Serving sizes can sneak up on you, and your drink may actually be twice as much as a suggested serving especially if you're enjoying a drink at a restaurant.

Dr. Cederquist recommends that women consume no more than 3 alcoholic drinks/ week and men consume no more than 4 alcoholic drinks per week.

You can contact our member service team or speak with a Dietitian if you have more specific questions about alcohol consumption.

Can I drink coffee, tea or milk?

Yes, you can drink caffeinated drinks like diet soda, coffee, or tea but we recommend that you limit them to two per day. Caffeine can act as a diuretic so when you drink caffeinated beverages you lose water and you can become dehydrated. When you become dehydrated your body will retain any fluids and you will retain more water. While you want to lose some water weight, you do not want to lose too much. Drinking two caffeinated beverages per day is fine and won't necessarily cause your body to retain water, but it is important not to drink more than that.

Additionally, if you use creamer in your coffee make sure it is low-fat. If you use sugar, use a sugar substitute like Splenda or Truvia.

Milk is okay to drink because it contains protein, however, limit the milk to one eight ounce glass per day because of the lactose and fat content. We suggest drinking the low-fat or skim variety. Lastly, it is important to avoid most fruit juices because many are high in sugar!

How much water should I drink?

We recommend drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water each day. This can be in the form of regular water or flavored water (like Propel, Fruit 2.O). You could also drink decaffeinated diet soda, any diet fruit juices (like Diet V8 Splash) and Crystal Light. These drinks help keep you hydrated and help "flush" everything out of your system.

Do I need to add anything to the meals?

You don't need to add anything to your bistroMD meals. All of our entrees are complete so you simply reheat the fresh frozen food and enjoy. If you'd like, you can season to taste but otherwise we will conveniently deliver everything you need.

Do I have to put the food you send on a plate?

When dining, visualization is important so we do suggest putting your bistroMD meals on a plate, but you can eat them out of the tray they arrive in. By putting your entree on a plate, you can begin to train yourself on correct portion sizes for continued success and weight maintenance.

What else can I eat?

We don't want you to feel deprived, so you can eat what you'd like for snacks between meals or for your free nights on the program. Of course, you'll want to try to make smart, protein rich options to keep your weight loss on track on your days off. Always keep moderation in mind.

Do I have to give up my fresh fruits and vegetables?

No, you can add fresh fruit and vegetables on our plan. If you wish to have fruit, we recommend that you eat no more than one serving per day, and that the fruit is eaten with some type of protein (i.e. a protein snack). Fruit contains a natural sugar called fructose, which can cause your blood sugar to spike when eaten alone. If you eat your fruit with a protein snack, this will help stabilize your blood sugar, and prevent it from fluctuating.

You can also eat your favorite vegetables while on our program. In fact, one cup of raw vegetables is only about 25 calories. This caloric count is small, but it is recommended that you limit your raw vegetables to no more than four cups per day, the equivalent of a large salad. If you choose a salad, watch out for things like croutons, cheese, and dressing. We recommend only using two tablespoons or less of a low fat or light dressing.

Can I eat out at restaurants or eat something not on the bistroMD program?

We encourage you to develop healthy eating habits and that includes learning to enjoy food normally. Because bistroMD is so simple and convenient, enjoy your "My Night" and jump right back into your program the next day. Our 7 day programs include a structured break from the program called "My Night".

What is "My Night"?

On our 7 day programs, "My Night" is your one free night each week to enjoy a structured break from the program. This enables you to make healthy choices and also remain dedicated to the program longer. We encourage you to develop healthy eating habits, and this includes learning to enjoy food normally when you are not trying to lose weight.

You are not charged for this planned meal, as the price of our 7 day plans which include the "My Night" are adjusted to account for the "missing" entree. If "My Night" does not work for your lifestyle, we are happy to provide you with a dinner to replace "My Night" for future shipments.

What are EATS?

Essential and Tasty Snacks: EATS is an essential part of your bistroMD program and is a different approach to snacking. We encourage snacking. EATS does more than satisfy your sweet tooth and nibble urges, it also boosts your metabolic burn to keep the pounds coming off. With EATS you can snack and still lose weight!

Why do you offer snacks on your program? Is it more beneficial to order a program with snacks?

Each snack from bistroMD is protein-based and contains on average between 8-15 grams of protein. Our program supplies protein roughly every 3-4 hours. This lean, adequate protein will boost your metabolism and curb your food cravings to help you stay healthy and lose weight.

Won't I lose more weight by not eating snacks between meals?

No! In between meals your blood sugar can get low and your body will gravitate towards eating something high in carbohydrates in order to raise your blood sugar quickly. Sugar laden snacks will cause your blood sugar to spike and then drop, causing cravings. Your body will still want the sugar or the carbohydrates and the cycle will begin again.

The protein-based snacks from bistroMD are designed to keep your blood sugar stable and curb your food cravings. They also make sure that your metabolism stays steady throughout the day. If you have opted for a bistroMD plan without snacks, it is important that you add in your own snacks to insure you're getting enough calories and protein to lose weight.

How much are EATS?

Our EATS program for women consists of two snacks a day and corresponds with the program that you are on; either 5 days a week or 7 days a week. The cost is $4.00 a day or, $20 or $28 a week.

Men receive three snacks a day and corresponds with the program that you are on; either 5 days a week or 7 days a week. The cost is $6.00 a day or, $30 or $42 a week.

Can I only order EATS?

EATS is intended to be supplement to your bistroMD program and therefore can only be ordered with a 5 or 7 day program.

If I have diabetes, will I still lose weight with bistroMD?

Yes. BistroMD is appropriate for people with Type II Diabetes. To accommodate your dietary needs as a diabetic, we avoid all simple sugars in our entrees (such as white bread). These foods can cause your blood sugar to spike and then drop rapidly, causing you to feel hungry again shortly after you eat.

The entrees in our program focus on the proper balance of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and low fat. Lean protein is what is keeps you feeling full, and what helps keep your blood sugars stabilized.

As a diabetic on our program, you won't have to worry about preparing your entrees to suit your dietary requirements, or worry about over-eating. We do all of the preparation and cooking for you!

If you do have an existing medical condition, please consult with your doctor before starting a weight loss program.

Can I use bistroMD if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

Our standard program with snacks will not be enough calories/day for a woman who is breastfeeding. If you would like to receive entrees from bistroMD while you are breastfeeding, our dietitians can work with you to create a program that will suit your individual needs.

Please give us a call and we would be more than happy to have one of our expert dietitians follow up with you directly.

Can I choose my own foods?

We have over 150 entrees that you can select from. You can edit your own menu based on your preferences or let our team select entrees for you each week. In your account, you can rate items so you can easily reorder meals you really enjoy.

How are your meals different than the meals I can buy in the grocery store?

While the bistroMD entree trays may look similar to those of grocery meals, that's where the similarities end! Some frozen dinners are loaded with fat, sodium, and calories. Packaging claims may also be misleading. It's not always clear what makes products qualify to be labeled "natural" or "organic".

On the other hand, the bistroMD program has been scientifically balanced for weight loss and every entree is certified by the USDA. There is no added MSG, Trans Fat, or Aspartame in entrees. We are committed to serving the same quality, natural food we eat at our own tables. Additionally, there is significantly more protein present in bistroMD meals and the portion sizes are larger than a standard store bought frozen meal.

Does bistroMD accommodate certain allergies?

Yes, our member service team will do our best to accommodate you if you have been diagnosed with a food allergy, or believe yourself to be allergic to a certain ingredient found in our entrees. Please notify our customer service team at the time of your order. We will remove certain entrees from your program. Please be advised that all of our entrees are prepared in kitchens that handle all of our ingredients, so there is always a possibility that some cross contamination may occur.

You are also able to contact customer service at any time to make adjustments to your allergy restrictions.

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