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How can I customize my menu?

Once you complete your order, our dietitians create your program. You can choose your entrees to fit your unique preferences. Log in to to see your menu in advance, select your preferred entrees for the week and review your program.

Can you customize my program if I have a health condition, like diabetes?

Our Registered Dietitians are happy to work with you to create a special menu based on your specific health conditions. All of our entrees are safe for Type II Diabetes.

Will I still lose weight if changes have been made to my program?

Even if you do have unique customization requests, our dietitians will design your weekly menu to ensure that your entrees are properly chosen to help you lose weight.

It is a fine balance to try to meet your individual food preferences while also following our nutritional foundation that was created by Dr. Cederquist.

At bistroMD, our Registered Dietitians work with our award winning chefs to make sure that your entrees meet the required nutritional guidelines that are necessary to promote healthy weight loss.

What entrees and ingredients will be included in my custom program?

Whatever entrees match your preferences will be included in your custom program. You can edit your preferences at any time. You can review all entrees available for your program in your my bistroMD account.

You can view your program by day, by week and approve your menu in advance. This makes it easy to remove an entire meal from your program. If you have a meal you do not want to receive again, just go to my entrees and click to remove this meal.

How do I know what new items you've added to the menu?

Our newest meals are represented with a generic icon until pictures and written descriptions are available for them.

Can you modify a recipe for me?

We don't change our recipes. If we modify recipes by adding or excluding ingredients, this will change the nutritional benefit of the entire entree. Each ingredient in every entree that we serve is chosen to supply your body with the right amount of protein, healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats to feed your body's essential needs.

Our chefs work diligently to make them taste delicious and every recipe is reviewed by our Registered Dietitians for its nutritional benefits. We leave it up to our team of medical experts because of their knowledge and understanding of Dr. Cederquist's unique nutritional foundation for weight loss, as well as the proper way to combine each ingredient for your individual weight loss needs. Please keep in mind that as you exclude items from your menu, this may limit the variety of your weekly program.

Can I exclude a side dish or a sauce?

Unfortunately, we do not offer the option of selecting different sides to go with your entrees. The entire entree meets our nutritional foundation to promote healthy weight loss as well.

If you do not wish to receive a particular entree again, just go online to and search for the name of the entree to remove from your program.

What type of variety will I receive?

At any given time we have over 150 recipes that our chefs prepare. Some of these dishes are seasonal and are made when the ingredients are at the peak of the growing season. With this variety we are able to limit the amount of entree duplications within a 6 week program.

You can choose your entrees to fit your unique preferences. If you would like more or less of a specific menu item, just log on and change your preference. This gives you control over your variety. If you have allergies, religious preferences, or choose to remove many entrees from your program, this will reduce your variety.

There seems to be a lot of food. Can I order a program with less food?

Believe it or not, this is something we often hear from many of our members. Why is there so much food? Can you believe it's a weight loss program that serves hearty portions?

We have larger portions because we understand that when most people want to lose weight they will stop eating. Far too often people will drastically cut calories and think that this is a healthy solution. Our unique understanding of weight loss shows that when you starve your body of nutrients this actually impacts your body chemistry and prevents your metabolism from burning fat effectively. BistroMD was created to provide you with the right amount of nutrients during the day. Our entrees allow your body to lose weight and properly equip you to fight off those food cravings that can prevent you from achieving results.

If you still feel overwhelmed by the portions, we recommend that you still try to eat the entrees each day. Rather than avoiding an entree or a snack completely, just eat a portion until you feel satisfied. When it comes to healthy, sustainable weight loss, it is never a good idea to go without eating.

What happens if I defrost an entree, but don't cook it right away?

It's okay to thaw your entrees in the refrigerator, but the maximum time you should defrost them before you heat them is 48 hours. We recommend thawing your entrees the day before you eat them. Our entrees do contain fresh ingredients, and are not shelf stable.

Our trays are designed to retain the natural flavor, texture and nutrients of our entrees while also sealing in freshness. When you are ready to eat, just follow the appropriate cooking directions specified on your tray for frozen or thawed entrees.

How do I cook my BistroMD entrees?

One of the best things about bistroMD is that you get to eat real entrees that are already prepared for you. All you have to do is pop your entree into the microwave and heat, eat and enjoy! It's that easy!

Each week you will receive a delivery consisting of one week of entrees. Our entrees are in BPA free microwavable trays that are vacuum sealed to maintain freshness and cook in their own natural juices when heated.

Each tray has specific cooking directions on the label as well as the list of included ingredients. Just follow the cooking times listed on the label.

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