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What else can I eat on bistroMD?

Chad O.

The bistroMD program focuses on health and wellness, not fad diets or food restrictions. We’re all about creating balance and new healthy habits! Think of it as a healthy lifestyle change as opposed to a strict diet. 

Can I add hot sauce to my meals? Go for it!

My morning cup of coffee? Absolutely!

What about wine? You bet.

Birthday cake and other special occasion foods? We wouldn’t ask you to live without them.

Do I have to give up my fresh fruits and vegetables? Nope! You can add fresh fruit and vegetables to our plan. 
If you wish to have fruit, we recommend that you eat no more than one serving per day and that the fruit is eaten with some type of protein (i.e. a protein snack). Fruit contains a natural sugar called fructose, which can cause your blood sugar to spike when eaten alone. If you eat your fruit with a protein snack, this will help stabilize your blood sugar and prevent it from fluctuating.
You can also eat your favorite vegetables while on our program. In fact, one cup of raw vegetables is only about 25 calories. This caloric count is small, but it is recommended that you limit your raw vegetables to no more than four cups per day, the equivalent of a large salad. If you choose a salad, watch out for things like croutons, cheese, and dressing. We recommend only using two tablespoons or less of low fat or light dressing.

The bistroMD program encourages you to make smart and healthy choices, and we give you the education and tools to be able to do so when eating on your own. As a member of the program, you will have access to our recommendations for snacking, drinking, dining out, and more!

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