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Is bistroMD Allergy safe?

Chad O.

We have allergen control programs in place which are validated through daily allergen swabs. This program includes controls that sequence meals based on their allergen content, sanitation of the line and equipment between meals, and control of raw materials and components. This program is designed to meet all USDA and FDA requirements and ensure that there are no undeclared allergenic materials in our products.

We take food and allergy preparation very seriously all the way from our kitchens to your doorstep. We also publish all ingredients on the cardboard meal sleeve that comes around every one of our meals. We also have all the ingredient information available online.

If you need help removing any ingredients from your program that you may be allergic to, our customer service team can help! It's important to know that if we remove an ingredient from your program, we will remove the meal entirely, not just that one ingredient.

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