Creating a lighter, healthier you is a multi-step process. One of the most important steps, and the main focus of this section, is exercise. Here we explore everything from the benefits of exercise to how much and how often it is necessary to promote weight loss.

10 Ways to Make Working Out Fun

We all know we should be doing it, but there are numerous reasons to prevent us from working out... Boredom included! And especially if not an exercise connoisseur, gathering up the energy and drive may be a cycling battle. But pedal no longer, here are 10 ways to make working out fun!


We all know we should be doing it, but there are numerous reasons to prevent us from the practice... Boredom included! Yes, we are talking about working out and the drab and tiresome connotations that may be stemming from it. And especially if not an exercise connoisseur or competitive in nature, gathering up the energy and drive may be a cycling battle. But pedal no longer, here are 10 ways to make working out fun!

How to Make Exercise Fun

1. Jam Out
Put a little more pep in your step with some beats! Working out with music can help set the tempo for an effective workout while powering through difficult weight lifting sessions. Start with a song or two of motivating and exciting music to fuel your next workout!

2. Work Out Your Brain
Work out not just your body, but your brain! Learn new things by listening to podcasts or other informational snippets on public radio. From business, to government and organizations, to science and medicine, find a podcast to suit your interest at the official NPR page.

3. Keep Experimenting
Workouts come in all types and durations, offering you the ability to experiment with a plethora of exercises. Reduce exercise burnout by experimenting and shaking up your workout routines and regimens, including working out in variable environments. Even similar workouts can vary, including training for different races, whether it be a half-marathon or a trail race.

4. Shorten Workouts
You may be dreading the gym not necessarily based on what the workout may entail, but the amount of time needed to do it for efficient results. But even quick, energy-bursting movements and workouts can also be effective.

5. Grab A Buddy
Implement the buddy system with a close friend or family member. Not only can working out with someone else amplify enjoyment, but encourages accountability and motivation. And not only is their presence inspiring to you, but the support you offer them may be just what they needed, too.

6. Hire A Personal Trainer
Especially if new to the workout scene, hiring a personal trainer can offer not only valuable assistance, but spark your interest towards exercise. Their motivation and knowledge can fuel your motivation to continue at the gym and reach your health goals.

7. Join A Class
Join and jump into larger workout crowds! From cycling to yoga classes, being in a large group not only contributes to fun workouts, but others can push and motivate you to boundaries you never thought you could reach or break through.

8. Challenge Others
While personal trainers and large groups can enhance your motivation, sometimes a little friendly competition against one another can, too. Create health contests with close friend are even strangers, including walking challenges on media outlets with the use of activity trackers.

9. Get Outside
Workouts are not solely confined to gyms and studios, but can be dabbled into and completed outdoors. Being in the sheer sunshine is an added bonus to heighten vitamin D and boost the mood!

10. Set A Reward
Although the physical and mental gains from regular exercise are significant, sometimes other incentives are just what it takes for individuals to adhere to fitness plans. Treat yourself when meeting fitness goals, whether short-term or quite lofty. Rewards can come in all forms and sizes, including taking a well-earned nap, visiting a special place or scheduling a vacation, swapping out marathon training with a movie marathon, or purchasing new attire.

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on October 25, 2017.


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