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Creating a lighter, healthier you is a multi-step process. One of the most important steps, and the main focus of this section, is exercise. Here we explore everything from the benefits of exercise to how much and how often it is necessary to promote weight loss.

Olympics Tabata Workout

Tabata workouts aren’t time consuming, they’re also not easy! You can spend 30 to 60 minutes on a treadmill, or you can use high intensity interval training (HIIT) to see maximum results in just a few minutes.

Olympics Tabata Workout

To complete our Tabata workout, set your timer for 8 rounds of 10 and 20 second intervals. You can mix & match Tabata workouts to include many different exercises. You can even customize your own unique workout by repeating specific circuits or swapping exercises for burpees, jumping rope, high knees, you name it. You can draw inspiration from another one of our Tabata style workouts here.

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Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on August 10, 2016. Updated on August 10, 2016.


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