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Creating a lighter, healthier you is a multi-step process. One of the most important steps, and the main focus of this section, is exercise. Here we explore everything from the benefits of exercise to how much and how often it is necessary to promote weight loss.

Treadmill Workout Playlist

Burn calories and build muscle with this interval workout guide and playlist. In 35 minutes, you will power walk your way through this motivational mix.

Treadmill Workout Playlist

Our fitness experts have designed a treadmill power walk interval workout to jump start your exercise routine. You can walk on the treadmill, use an elliptical, bicycle, or just walk outdoors! The goal is the same, simply get moving and follow the beat of the music to burn calories and build muscle. Save the treadmill workout on Pinterest and listen to the bistroMD Spotify playlist to follow along. 

Consult your physician before starting any exercise program. Modify the exercises as needed to suit your individual level.

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Written By Christy Zagarella, MS, RDN. Published on February 22, 2017. Updated on May 12, 2020.


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