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The Best Stuffed French Toast Recipe Delivered to You!

Best Stuffed French Toast Recipe

To get the best stuffed French toast recipe, all you have to do is have it delivered!

The delicious French toast that all of us have come to know and love was actually created as a way for people to use stale bread. Many French toast recipes have originated from various countries, and all of them were based on bread being soaked in egg batter, and then being cooked on a griddle.

French toast has become known as a “hearty” breakfast dish, but it is also a common food served at brunch. In the United States, French toast is available on the menu in many popular restaurants, and some places even serve up its sweet decadence 24 hours a day.

The exact origin of French toast is unclear. Americans attribute French toast strictly to France because early citizens of this country were introduced to the recipe by early French colonies. Although many people credit the traditional recipe to France, many other European nations have their own version of French toast favorites.

Germany is one of these countries, and here, citizens call their version of French toast “armer ritter,” which means, “poor knight.” The Portugese serve their version of French toast at Christmastime and call it “rabanadas,” which means, “golden slices of bread.” Great Britain also has their own unique French toast recipe, called “eggy bread.” Instead of being served with traditional syrup, the Brits put their own twist on the traditional French toast recipe with an accompaniment of ripe tomatoes and mounds of delicious cheese.

Our take on the traditional French toast recipe is of the “stuffed” variety. Our chef uses two pieces of whole wheat toast and soaks them in traditional egg batter. Before being griddled, our chef uses a sweet, delicate blend of low-fat vanilla bean cream cheese to stuff our French toast to perfection. After our stuffed French toast has been griddled to perfection, it is accompanied by a perfectly cooked smoked turkey sausage and colorful variety of mixed fruit. It is also served with a delicious helping of roasted sweet potato cubes.

With a sumptuous vanilla bean cream cheese filling and colorful healthy fruit, our best stuffed French toast recipe can be available to you. You don’t have to fly to France to get the best French toast. All you have to do is heat, eat, and enjoy!

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