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This section focuses on the subject of entrees.

Experience Food Flair with These Healthy Summer Dishes


At this time of the year, it can be difficult to find healthy summer dishes, especially when you have summer staples like hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream to cope with.

Thankfully, though, the expert chefs at BistroMD have created a series of healthy summer dishes that will make you forget all about those calorie-packed staples. See what you can look forward to when you have healthy summer dishes like these delivered to your door:

BistroMD’s Mediterranean Chicken

The chefs at BistroMD have done it again! They’ve brought to life one of our chef's newest, Mediterranean-inspired creations: Mediterranean Chicken.

This dish involves a delicious citrus-infused chicken breast, presented over a Mediterranean-style quinoa made of tasty kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes, and chopped leaf spinach with feta cheese. This scrumptious entrée is also served with a colorful assortment of tasty grilled vegetables.

Mediterranean-inspired dishes are strongly associated with extended life span and reduced risks of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems, obesity, and even breast cancer.

BistroMD’s Mediterranean Chicken is heart-healthy and packed with fiber and essential Omega-3s. These are exactly the qualities you want in your food to help you lose weight and maintain your overall health.

Dive right in to our new Mediterranean Chicken. BistroMD knows you’ll just love it!

Say “Ole!” to Our Tasty Bean and Vegetable Burrito!

You don’t have to travel south of the border to eat this tasty Mexican favorite! Wrapped in a healthy whole wheat flour tortilla and stuffed with delicious vegetables and beans, you can indulge in one of the best healthy Mexican food recipes without feeling all the guilt.

Whole wheat burritos aren’t anything new in Mexico, in fact, whole wheat tortillas are actually quite popular because of the lack of maize that isn’t grown as abundantly across the country.

Although some of the earliest burritos are thought to date as far back as the Aztec civiliation, burritos didn’t really become popular until the time of the Mexican Revolution. A man called Juan Mendez use to sell his tacos on the streets of Ciudad Juarez where he used a donkey to transport himself and his food. Mendez wrapped his food in a flour tortilla and then wrapped each taco separately to keep them warm. The tacos were larger in size, and the way they were wrapped gained them the nickname of “burritos” from the town’s residents.

This took place in Northwestern Mexico and the burrito’s popularity grew because of Northern Mexican and American gold miners. This was around 1840, and most of the burritos were made of spiced meat and wheat tortillas. It wasn’t until the year 1956 when a 19 year old man named Duane R. Roberts actually created the first commercialized frozen burrito for everyone to enjoy.

These days, burritos are more popular than ever, and they are made with a variety of different fillings and tortillas. The popularity of using “toppings” for burritos didn’t really become popular until the 20th century. More and more, you see restaurants and people alike topping their burritos with condiments like sour cream, olives, and a mixture of cheeses.

Our vegetable bean burrito is a healthy Mexican food recipe, and is stuffed with a plethora of mixed vegetables including carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, and Spanish onion. You can’t have a burrito without beans, and our burrito is no exception. In addition to the crispy vegetables, our burrito is stuffed with healthy helpings of kidney and white beans.

Our chefs use a combination of Mexican spices to season our burrito to perfection. Sultry suntan pepper along with a combination of thyme, parsley, and garlic give our burrito the flavor punch it needs.

Accompanied with our tasty burrito is a hearty serving of our crunchy and delicious carrot and raisin salad. The salad consists of a color confection of shredded carrots and raisins, and is mixed up with a combination of cider, curry, garlic, vinegar, and apple juice.

With all of these fun and tasty flavors, you will have a fiesta in your mouth, for sure!

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Written by bistroMD Team. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on May 06, 2019.


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